Cry Week Thoughts

TCU did not look like a good football team, so what's that say about us...I'm irrationally upset anytime Kenny "Trill" doesn't do something stupid to blow a game...I'll miss Kenny "Trill", though....everyone needs a villain to despise....I guess I'll just start despising Jeff's crazy how none of his horrible decisions ever come back to bite him in the rear...I'm guessing those people running things up on the Hill like having an AD with name recognition...I'd rather have an AD that's, you know, seemed really out of character for Bert to throw the kicker under the bus like that...I think he might be stressed out...Austin Allen, man, I just don't think he's real good at football...yeah, blame the receivers, Enos, line, or whatever all you want...AA doesn't even look like an athlete...if you saw AA walking down the street, you probably wouldn't even think he played sports...War Memorial obviously wasn't the problem, but I think we all knew have let some guys with no ties to Arkansas and no understanding of the program's history run things for too long...if Bert doesn't like going to Little Rock, then tough titties...those radio shows need to be held accountable,'s obvious they all get their cues and talking points from the Hill...they all have the same opinions about the same issues(give Bielema 3 years, the cupboard was bare when he got here, the LR games are killing us, playing a conference game in Dallas is GREAT idea, etc, ect)...all those shows have stuck up and protected Long for too long on every stupid decision he makes...he needs to be held accountable for NOT holding Petrino accountable, hiring John L, letting John L skirt bankruptcy laws, keeping the TAMU game in Dallas after they entered the SEC, hiring Jimmy Dykes, sucking at life, giving Beilema a big extension after a 7-6 season, supporting players disrespecting the flag, having a stupid Twitter feed, tweeting, sounding stupid during the College Football Playoff interviews, being a cat person, wearing glasses instead of contacts, bad jokes, and lots of other stuff...he needs to go...Houston Dale Nutt, who loves the school and understands the history, should be the new AD...the rest will work itself out naturally.