College Football Playoff Expands To 12 Teams


There are about a thousand hot-blooded arguments on both sides on the coming College Football Playoff expansion, from critiques on the number of teams to the idea of Georgia curb stomping Liberty 65-0 in the first round. As tempers flare one thing remains constant - change is coming and it will be here sooner than you think.

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Arkansas DB Al Walcott Addresses Frustration as Razorbacks Struggle in 2023 Season


Arkansas defensive back Al Walcott candidly acknowledged the frustrations within the Razorbacks football program as they face a challenging 2023 season. After a promising 2-0 start, Arkansas has endured six consecutive losses, leaving them with a 2-6 (0-5) record and the need to win all remaining regular-season games to reach a bowl. Walcott described the team's visible frustration, stating, "We're frustrated. It's visible. You can see it. But the thing I love about this team, we're not going to bend. We're still together, we're going to hold together." Transferring to Arkansas from Baylor this offseason, Walcott aimed to bolster the Razorbacks' pass defense and contribute to a successful season. While the pass defense has shown improvement compared to the previous year, when Arkansas ranked last in the country, wins have been elusive. NFR TV Schedule

Pittman on Adversity


"I think we’ve all— in one realm or another— we’ve gotten the heck kicked out of us at some point in our life whether it be at home, whether it be physically whatever it is. And the only way i know how to do is you get up and you brush the dirt off— brush whatever it is and go back to work." -Sam Pittman

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The Two Stripes Podcast: How high is Arkansas' upside in 2017?


Hey all, I previewed Arkansas' 2017 football season with Eric Harris here at Arkansas Fight, and thought you might be interested in hearing it! Eric talked about why the Hogs have a nice upside this year, Austin Allen's status as one of the best QB's in the SEC, fixing the run game, what the Hogs need to do to be better defensively, expectations for 2017, and more. Let me know what y'all think!

Arkansas vs Texas A&M Game Time Set!


The Razorbacks and Aggies will do battle in Jerry World at 8 P.M. Central on ESPN! It is going to be a great late game down in Dallas on September 24th!

Brett Eibner Walks Off For Kansas City


In just his second game in the majors, former Razorback Brett Eibner is already helping the Royals in a big way.

Darius Philon Welcomes Hunter Henry to the Chargers


Congrats to this hard worker and reunite from college to the pros @hunterhenry84

A photo posted by Mobile✈️✈️San Diego (@dariusphilon93) on

I feel bad that I'd forgotten that Philon also plays in San Diego. They also have Javontee Herndon on the team as well. Nice group of Hogs down there.

Jared Cornelius' Amazing Highlight From Arkansas' Spring Practice


No comment..

A video posted by Jared Cornelius | DJ JRED (@jredbeats) on

Poor Ryan Pulley. Not only does he fall down trying to keep up with Cornelius' moves at the line of scrimmage, Cornelius catches the deep pass with one hand just for kicks. That's awesome (but not for Pulley). It looks like they had a good time in the film room with that one.

Jonathan Williams interviewed by ACME Packing Company


Jonathan Williams Interview: Arkansas RB discusses his injury and decision to declare for the NFL Draft