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Timeline Of Briles, Arkansas and Miami

Arkansas Pine Bluff v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

“They love Fayetteville. [Briles] didn’t want to leave to begin with. The money that was offered from Miami was a crazy amount.”

That was one of the first items I was told as Razorback offensive coordinator, Kendal Briles, became a candidate for the same position with the Hurricanes back in late December. Despite the heat the he may take for play calling at times, Briles is definitely needed inside the locker room and on the field for Arkansas.

The whole thing was really weird. Miami insiders saying he never did receive an offer or interview. Some saying the just “talked”. But I was told that he was heavily pursued by Miami and Mario Cristobal. So close that it was almost a done deal.

Most of the day on Wednesday things were quiet. The old saying “no news is good news” is what I was hoping for until I received a late night text saying that Briles to Miami talk is hot.

Honestly, it didn’t surprise me as Miami is desperate for results on the field. With the hiring of Cristobal, it shows that the Hurricane brass are serious about fielding a legitimate contender. This is a Hurricanes program that hasn’t been a national power since the early 2000’s is hungry for a winner but will they expect immediate results?

This week, Miami offered successful Toledo head coach, Jason Candle, who declined the open position. Then, Cristobal circled back around to Briles again only to find out Briles was serious about staying in Fayetteville.

On Thursday morning discussions started to shift in Arkansas’ favor as Briles reportedly “turned down the job at Miami.” Which could have been ‘about’ the third or fourth time. I will give it to Cristobal though as he continued to push for who he wanted him extremely hard. He wanted to make Briles say no and he did just that.

What made the Miami deal so sweet though? Well, Briles was much offered a higher pay grade and perks that he currently does not have. The fact is that he chose Arkansas in a time when things are rolling and a dark horse championship season is at stake. He is serious about the Razorbacks and not ready to hit the reset button like a job at Miami would give him.

Miami fans and media can deny the fact that Briles was a candidate all they want. The fact of the matter is he was a candidate but decided that what he has going in Fayetteville was too great to leave right now. That is just as big of a win as any this offseason for Pittman’s Razorbacks.