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Arkansas Annihilates Tulsa 91-41

Last year this one came down to the wire... not so much this year.

How Not to Criticize the Sam Pittman Hire

Roll Bama Roll had some interesting hot takes on Arkansas’ new coach.

Wooo Pod Sooie: Episode 12- Birthday Boys

It’s party time!

Darren McFadden Enters the NFF College Football Hall of Fame

"Ya better put him in your Heisman!"

What Will Sam Pittman’s Staff Look Like?

The new Head Hog has some key hires to make

Hogs of the Round Table: Sam Pittman

The staff discusses their reactions, thoughts, and expectations for Arkansas’ new Head Hog.


It’s officially official: Sam Pittman is the new Head Hog.

Getting to Know Sam Pittman

Meet the new Head Hog

BREAKING: Sam Pittman Hired As Arkansas’ Next Head Coach

The football team finally has their new Head Hog

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Razorbacks Fall for the First Time of the Musselman Era, 86-79

WKU gets football and basketball supremacy this year... Let’s play baseball?

Stats Study: Arkansas at Western Kentucky

The Hogs are 1-0 in revenge games this year, but WKU presents a very different challenge.

BONUS PODCAST: The Coaching Search Interview with Richard Johnson

Banner Society’s Richard Johnson joins us to talk coaching searches and the future of Arkansas football.

Mentality Giants: Why Arkansas’ Next Coach Won’t Matter Without This Key Factor

Something has been lacking in recent years from the football team, and the new coach needs to get it back.

Wooo Pod Sooie: Episode 11- A “Football” Season in Review (feat. Adam Ford)

The guys break down what’s been just a terrible year, and look hopefully to the future.

Hogs Get a Nice Win Over Austin Peay 69-61


SB Nation FanPulse: A Seasonlong Review of Chad Morris’ Wild Ride

We’ve got a whole season’s worth of data to examine.

Hogs Eek Out Tough Win Against Some Norsemen from Kentucky, 66-60

The Hogs put up a tough win against a pretty good team.

Arkansas Fight’s Film Room Presents: Knives Out

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Recap: Hogs Lose Battle Of The Barrys, End Nightmare Season

So this is how the season ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper

SB Nation FanPulse: Thoughts Ahead of the Last Arkansas Football Game of 2019

What a year we’ve had.

KK Robinson Commits to Arkansas

The Hogs now boast the number 5 class in the country.

Wooo Pod Sooie: Episode 10- The MiseraBowl (feat. Nate Edwards)

Saul and Tucker and Nate Edwards of Rock M Nation break down the worst game of the year.

Hogs of the Round Table: Justin Fuente

The staff discusses the positives and negatives of a potential Justin Fuente hire.

Hogs of the Round Table: Luke Fickell

The staff discusses the pros and cons of a potential Luke Fickell hire.

Mason Jones Defeats Georgia Tech and Ted Valentine 62-61


Hogs of the Round Table: Matt Campbell

The staff discusses the positives and negatives of a potential Matt Campbell hire.

Stats Study: Arkansas at Georgia Tech

The Hogs hit the road for the first time to face a tough defense.

Hogs of the Round Table: Lane Kiffin

The staff discusses the pros and cons of a potential Joey Freshwater hire.

Lunney Led Hogs Walk Into a Buzzsaw in Death Valley; Lose 56-20

Good teams win, great teams cover. Arkansas is great.

Arkansas Defeats South Dakota 77-56; Refs Throw an Amazing Concert

Despite a cacophony of whistles, the pigs pulled through.

Hogs of the Round Table: Mike Leach

The staff discusses the positives and negatives of a potential Mike Leach hire.

Hogs of the Round Table: PJ Fleck

The staff discusses the positives of a potential PJ Fleck hire.


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