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Box Score Breakdown: San José State 31, Arkansas 24

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Arkansas vs. San Jose State: A Measured Overreaction

I don’t even know what to do anymore.

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A Behind Enemy Lines Reconnaissance Mission of Arkansas vs. San Jose State

Intrepid reporter Tucker Partridge details his findings behind enemy lines.

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It’s Time to Stop the Bobby Petrino Apologetics— Arkansas Fans Deserve More

Bobby Brain has reached the height of its power— what does that mean?

Stats Study: Arkansas vs. San José State

The Spartans may be just good enough to keep the Hogs honest.

FanPulse Confidence Poll Shows That Winning Is Good for Arkansas Fans

Who would’ve thought winning is good?

Box Score Breakdown: Arkansas 55, Colorado State 34

Arkansas’ offense roared to life in a shootout win.

Stats Study: Arkansas vs. Colorado State

Can the Hogs finally finish strong in a shootout?

Who is Nick Starkel? A Look at Arkansas’ New QB1

The Hogs have a new man starting under center— so what do we have on our hands?

Week 3 of FanPulse Shows: Clemson is Good, Arkansas— eh

Clemson keeps it locked at number one, while the SEC claims 5 top 10 spots.

Box Score Breakdown: Ole Miss 31, Arkansas 17

Hog fans’ worst nightmares were realized on Saturday.

Game recap: Arkansas starts slow, falls to Ole Miss, 31-17

Scoring just three points in the first three quarters, the Razorbacks couldn’t quite keep pace with the Rebels in their SEC opener.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Know Thy Enemy: A Friendly-ish Q&A With Red Cup Rebellion

We sat down with the folks at RCR to talk about the game this weekend. Here’s what they had to say!

The Ole Miss Preview: A Stats Study

After years of shootouts, expect defense to carry the day in Oxford.

SB Nation FanPulse Week 1 Poll Results: Clemson Still Number 1

The Tigers remained dominant— help us get the Hogs in there!

Box Score Breakdown: Arkansas 20, Portland State 13

It was ugly, but probably not as bad as you think

Arkansas Fight’s Glossary of Advanced Football Stats

Meet all of our advanced stats

The Portland State Preview: A Stats Study

There’s a reason to believe as the Hogs began Chad Morris’ second season

Battle Line Rivalry: Previewing Arkansas vs. Missouri

Arkansas closes out the regular season with a potentially very interesting game against an SEC East opponent.

Arkansas in Arrowhead: The 2020 Edition of The Battle Line Rivalry Presented By Shelter Insurance® Will Be Played in Kansas City!

Are you ready to rumble?

Ben Hicks Named Starter for Week 1 vs. Portland State

After a long quarterback battle, Ben Hicks has been named the starter for week one.

Beating the Bulldogs: Preview of Arkansas vs. Mississippi State

We Don’t Need Any More Cowbell

Surviving the Tide: Preview of Arkansas @ Alabama

The team from Tuscaloosa is gonna be good. Are we?

What the Battle Between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes Can Teach Us About Arkansas’ Quarterback Battle

The Internet battle over chicken sandwich supremacy rages on, and so does Arkansas’ quarterback battle. What can the chicken teach us about football.

5 Big Questions for Arkansas Football in 2019

SB Nation is previewing every team going into the 2019 season— here are answers about Arkansas that we hope come true.

Empirical Evidence for Undefeated Arkansas: A Prophecy and Warning to Dissenters

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Hogthulhu Fayt’vil wgah’nagl fhtagn."

Topping the Toppers: Preview of Arkansas vs. Western Kentucky

The Hogs and Tops will meet for the first time ever in November.

 What is Rakeem Boyd’s Ceiling in 2019?

The Hogs’ emerging star running back is in line for a big Year 2

Hosting the Tigers: Preview of Arkansas vs. Auburn

The fourth Southeastern Conference (SEC) game of the year, will the Hogs be sniffing bowl eligibility?

The SB Nation FanPulse votes are in!

Sign up, and make Arkansas’ voice heard!

Whooping the Wildcats: Preview of Arkansas @ Kentucky

The Cats have lost a lot of key talent, but have we gained enough?

Gigging the Aggies: Preview of Arkansas vs. A&M

Can the Hogs finally break through and knock off Texas A&M?

Smiting the Spartans: Preview of Arkansas vs. San Jose State

The Spartans visit the Hogs in Week 4. Can Arkansas pull off a 4-0 start?

Revenging the Rams: Preview of Arkansas vs. Colorado State

We’ve had a year to stew— will Morris’ boys bounce back?

Visiting the Rebels: Preview of Arkansas at Ole Miss

The 66th edition of this rivalry will take place in early September this year.


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