State your unpopular QB opinion

It's time for a change. Look, I get that it WON'T happen, but I need to go on record. Austin Allen does not need to be the starting quarterback of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Not if we want to do great things this year. Last night proved that Cole Kelly needs to be the man, because he IS the man.

I know what you're saying. It's FAMU, dude. I don't care. Austin Allen did not improve last season and he looked worse last night. Against FAMU. It's the first game, man. Give it some time. Why? It was FAMU! If he can't look good against them, if he can't move the ball against them, if he can't look composed and in control against THEM...then what's he gonna look like against REAL teams? Spoiler alert: not good.

Cole Kelly, on the other a freshman, looked composed and poised in the pocket and in the huddle. Do you think Austin Allen would've completed that dump pass? Not a chance. It's just FAMU, man. It probably wasn't even the starters. Don't get crazy over garbage time completions. That's not even my point. Kelly just looks like a star. He's bigger and stronger. He's got a better arm. And, last night proved, he's ready. The only thing AA has gotten better at is growing hair.

Look, I know that AA is going to start all year, barring injury or a total collapse. I know that Cole Kelly starting for us means we lost a few games. I'm just going on record right now to say that Cole Kelly is the better QB right now and could lead this team to a special season. We know where AA will lead us. To a 7-5, somewhat disappointing season. We've got talent. A lot of it. Now we just need to play it. Be bold, Bert. Kelly's the future, yes, but he should be the present.