The best guy for the job is Jimmy Dykes

Anyone else is a second-rate candidate.

Here's why:

1) Sex Appeal: no candidate has a better singing voice. That's not important in an AD-capacity necessarily, but it shows how confident and sexy he can be if needed. That's huge when you're wooing boosters.

2) Experience: he used to BE an athletic director. IN northwest Arkansas! That's true. I looked it up. He did for, like, a lot of years. He dealt with schedules and travel and what not. He knows that it means to direct athletics. He's coached before in the SEC. He knows what it means to be athletic directed. He's got it all. He's hired coaches. He hired Gus, probably. Which leads to...

3) Gus Stuff: he's super-friendly with Gus, I bet. You want Gus and I don't. Jimmy's your guy maybe.

4) Fund-raising: nuff said. Amirite?

5) Media bias: ESPN loves the guy. Jeff Long loves the guy. No more announcers hating on the Hogs during games when YOU KNOW THE ANNOUNCERS ARE TOTALLY AGAINST US! Jimmy ends that.

That's five great reasons. Any more would be over kill. You get the point, too, if you're still reading. And your convinced by me. Tell your friends. Convince them. Use the hashtag #GetDykesOnTheHillForAthleticDirector when you're talking about it on the social media platforms. Together, we can accomplish so much as opposed to doing so little when we are apart.