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Arkansas Fight's Top 10 Posts of the Year

Here's what you guys were reading in 2013

Always has to be a girl on the phone.
Always has to be a girl on the phone.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

All of us at Arkansas Fight want to thank every single one of you readers for making 2013 the best year in the Arkansas Expats/Fight history.

Even without the benefit of a major coaching search, an exciting football season, or a head coach in disgrace we still saw significant growth in reader traffic, about a 30% increase from 2012 in the usual metrics. So thank you very much for visiting us, commenting on our stories, sharing them with others, and everything else. This isn't any fun without you.

I also want to thank the tremendous group of contributors to the site. There's no way I could do this without them. They bring a variety of voices, styles, opinions to the site that are invaluable and help make us unique. And as you'll see below, most of our top 10 most-read posts of the year were written by them. This is for the most part a labor of love, so their commitment to consistently bringing quality stuff all year round is something I'm truly grateful for. Thanks to all of you.

Also, they're not on this list but I wanted to give a shoutout to the Hog Trough Fancast on an amazing year. They've brought a new podcast to the site almost every week this year (sometimes twice a week) and it's been fun to watch their audience grow. They've even appeared on the iTunes Top Ten list of popular college sports podcasts a couple of times this year, which has been awesome. If you're not already, make it a New Year's Resolution to check them out.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most-read posts on Arkansas Fight in 2013:

10. Bring Michael Dyer to Fayetteville by Graham Reaves - July 8th

Over the summer Michael Dyer was going through a PR/rehab tour to basically campaign for a spot on the Razorback football team. It was a very hotly divided topic among fans. Graham made the case to bring him to Fayetteville, even though the coaches ultimately decided to pass and he ended up at Louisville.

9. Is This The New Arkansas Football Helmet? by Doc Harper - June 17th

The Razorbacks tried out a different version of the white helmet they wore in 2012, and this one brought about the same amount of luck. It will be interesting to see if they do anything like that again.

8. Kweishi Brown Decommits from Arkansas by Graham Reaves - November 5th

This was a basic little decommitment story but it came at a time when it felt like recruits were jumping ship at an alarming rate, and this post was shared heavily.

7. Our Interview with Mitch Mustain by Doc Harper - June 6th

Former Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain also went through a sort of tour in 2013, for the first time giving his version of the infamous story of his recruitment and lone season as a Razorback. A documentary about the whole ordeal was premiered at the Little Rock Film Festival in May, and afterward Mustain gave us the opportunity to go a little further with the story.

6. Arkansas Builds Bielema Giant Truck Set for Signing Day in the Rock by Doc Harper - February 7th

For the big Signing Day show in Little Rock this year, Bret Bielema's stage was actually, weirdly, a giant fake truck tailgate. It was kind of funny.

5. Petrino Isn't Totally Off Base When Comparing Some WKU, Razorback Facilities by Chris Bahn - February 11th

A lot of people were upset when Bobby Petrino went on the radio and said some of Western Kentucky's facilities were superior to Arkansas', but as Chris Bahn pointed out, he wasn't really wrong. Of course, this was all before the new football facility was opened in Fayetteville, but back in February it was true.

4. Feel The Rhythm: South Carolina - An Open Letter to Bret Bielema by BVC - October 13th

The South Carolina football game was easily the biggest letdown of the year. BVC wasn't shy about voicing his displeasure in a piece that was somewhat controversial in its tone and aggression. Some people may have issues with some of the words here, but no one ever said he was wrong.

3. Will the Hogs Pull Off a Big Upset in 2013? by KevinHog - July 31st

Unfortunately, we all know the answer now, but it was fun to discuss at the time.

2. Dwayne Eugene, Henre Tolivar, Torrance Mosley, & Corey McBride Commit to Arkansas by Doc Harper - July 20th

The Razorbacks picked up a string of commitments in late July, including these four on a single day. It's a basic commitment story that was widely shared among fans.

1. Arkansas' Official Video of 2013's New Razorback Football Uniforms by Graham Reaves - July 20th

You guys really love talking uniforms in the summer. As you can see, July 20th was a big day for us.

Here's some other popular posts from the year:

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