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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: Dec. 30

The Razorbacks drop this week because they lack one thing other teams have.

Joel Auerbach

1. Florida (10-2, RPI 19, LW: 1) Next game: Jan. 4 vs. Richmond

I will be shocked if the Gators don’t win the SEC regular season crown. Their games against Kentucky are Feb. 15 and Mar. 8, if you want to go ahead and put those on your calendar.

2. Kentucky (10-3, RPI 18, LW: 2) Next game: Jan. 8 vs. Mississippi State

It always takes the Wildcats' "one and dones" till mid to late December to get acclimated to the college game. The win over Louisville proves that, but I still think Florida is the best team in the conference.

T-3. Missouri (11-1, RPI 16, LW: 5) Next game: Jan. 4 vs. Long Beach State

To show that the RPI has its flaws, Missouri has a better RPI than Florida, despite the Tigers not having a single RPI top 50 win.

T-3. LSU (9-2, RPI 35, LW: 3) Next game: Jan. 4 vs. Rhode Island

Both these teams are above Arkansas because they have one thing the Razorbacks don’t have: a true road win.

5. Arkansas (10-2, RPI 38, LW: 3) Next game: Jan. 4 vs. UTSA

The RPI shifts every day, but currently UTSA is dead last in RPI at 351. Arkansas also played Savannah State when they were dead last in RPI back on Dec. 12.

6. Ole Miss (8-3, RPI 93, LW: 6) Next game: Dec. 30 at Western Kentucky

This is their first game since that loss to Mercer. Say it again, "that loss to Mercer."  "That loss to Mercer." "That loss.  To Mercer."

7. Tennessee (7-4, RPI 92, LW: 7) Next game: Dec. 30 vs. Virginia

Tonight’s game versus the Cavaliers may be their last hope of making the NCAA Tournament. I don’t see them making it with a 7-5 non-conference record, unless they get ridiculously hot in SEC play. By that I mean finishing 14-4 in conference.

8. Vanderbilt (7-3, RPI 54, LW: 8) Next game: Dec. 30 vs. Saint Louis

They are in the same boat as Tennessee, but even with a win tonight I think they are still on the outside looking in.

9. Mississippi State (9-3, RPI 143, LW: 9) Next game: Jan. 2 vs. Maryland-Eastern Shore

No one cares! (clap-clap-clapclapclap)

10. Texas A&M (8-3, RPI 171, LW: 10) Next game: Next game: Dec. 31 vs. North Texas


11. South Carolina (5-6, RPI 82, LW: 12) Next game: Dec. 30 vs. Marshall

Their hopes for the NIT/CBI will be crushed if Bruce Ellington decides to go to the NFL and not play basketball.

12. Alabama (5-7, RPI 106, LW: 11) Next game: Jan. 4 vs. Robert Morris

They are currently on a three game losing streak. Roll Tide. Even though Trevor Releford scored 34 points against UCLA, they're still on a three game losing streak.

13. Auburn (6-3, RPI 184, LW: 13) Next game: Dec. 30 vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

I hope they hire Charles Barkley to be the next head coach in the off-season.

14. Georgia (6-5, RPI 253, LW: 14) Next game: Jan. 3 at George Washington