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Arkansas Builds Bielema Giant Truck Set For Signing Day In The Rock

He led the event from the enormous tailgate set that was built for the event, or was left over from the last Blue Collar Comedy Tour appearance.

Jeff Long's Twitter Account

Bret Bielema held his big Signing Day party in North Little Rock Thursday night to celebrate the 23 players who signed on to play football for the Razorbacks for the next few years.

The event held at Verizon Arena has developed a reputation for being quite the show in recent years. Last year (can't believe this was just 1 year ago), former coach Bobby Petrino was introduced through a smoke machine and special lighting effects.

This year, a special set was built for Bret Bielema. Not content with merely a table on a stage with video screens, hell no, Arkansas went the extra mile and built Bielema a special tailgating truck set. It's so huge it makes Bielema, whom is widely known to be, well, not a tiny man, look like a Disney mouse. Look for yourself:

According to Jeff Long's picture, Bielema doesn't even come up to the top of the tailights. Is it possible this is actually his home? I could believe it.

You know there will be efforts to duplicate this for War Memorial tailgating this fall.