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Will The Hogs Pull Off A Big Upset In 2013?

Looking at the schedule for upset potential

Aaron M. Sprecher

As a program, the Hogs' M-O has for the most part been the scrappy team that somehow pulls off the upset (think 1978 Orange Bowl as prime example), as opposed to the dominate team that consistently blasts through opponents game after game. When domination has been expected from us, the Hogs have had a tendency to play down to the competition instead. When nothing much has been expected of us, we've managed more than a few times to get an outright win or put some serious scare inside the opponent's helmets.

With that in mind, I would like to direct this week's poll question to the prospect of the Hogs knocking off somebody in 2013 they don't have any business in beating. The 2012 season will be forever known for its unexpected defeat at the hands of ULM. Might 2013 be known for its unexpected victory?

Your choices below are Texas A&M (Home), Florida (Away), Alabama (Away), and LSU (Away). It is tempting to say A&M simply because they are at home. It is tempting to say Florida simply because, damn it, we have the longest losing streak against them and haven't yet beat them since joining the SEC. We are due, right? It is tempting to say Alabama just for the pure insanity of it, which college football is prone to producing. It is tempting to say LSU due to how we always seem to play them close, even in a bad year, like last year.

I am going to say that if the Hogs knock-off somebody they shouldn't, it will be LSU. Here is my main reason. I think this Razorback team will get better as the season goes along. And the LSU game is for one more season the last game of the year. With true leadership in the coaching ranks for a change, I think we'll see our Hogs actually correct mistakes and not let them linger all the way through the end of the season. Of course, I would be happy with an upset from any of this grouping, and no complaints here if we upset more than one of them. I just have a feeling, however, that we are going to shock the Tigers, again, in Baton Rouge.