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UPDATE IV: Alex Collins' Mom Is Making Things Difficult

What's an Arkansas recruiting story without a little absurdity?


TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE: It's now being widely reported that Collins will sign with Arkansas today between 12:00-12:15 Central Time.


MONDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Collins was interviewed by the Miami NBC affiliate at a Dave & Busters in South Florida. He reaffirmed his intention to sign with the Razorbacks Thursday morning at 11am. Here's the interview:

View more videos at:

Denver Kirkland was also at the event, and hung out with Collins, at least for a while. A photo of two of them together, with Kirkland wearing what appears to be the same hat he put on at his signing ceremony earlier on Wednesday, made the rounds on the Internet Wednesday night.

Also, we'd like to apologize for any confusion to anybody who saw an accidental posting of an article announcing Collins' signing with the Razorbacks. That was an article written in advance for what we all thought would be Collins' routine signing and after it was shelved due to this crazy fiasco, it was deployed by mistake late Wednesday night. We took it down as soon as we realized it had been published. Again, we apologize.


UPDATE: 12:45 pm: Collins' mom is still unaccounted for, but it appears Collins and Arkansas are working on ways for Collins to sign his LOI without his mother. According to SB Nation recruiting reporter Bud Elliott, they may be tracking down Collins' father to get the letter signed.

Richard Davenport has been tracking the story and believes Collins will still sign with Arkansas, but of course, nothing is official until the letter has been signed.


UPDATE 11:45 am: Corey Long, a reporter working for ESPNU today for their Signing Day coverage, reported that Collins' mother "confiscated the papers" and has taken them elsewhere. Collins reportedly showed up at school in a suit and tie ready to sign the LOI, but his mother was not having it. We are not sure where Collins' mother is at this time.

You read all that right.

Again, Alex Collins' mother is on the run somewhere in South Florida with his LOI. A parent/guardian does have to sign the LOI along with the player, so one of the two will have to budge.


Alex Collins committed to Arkansas Monday night on television, but it was apparently a very tough decision for the Fort Lauderdale running back.

Collins appeared torn as he announced for the Razorbacks, and despite a few tweets and pictures affirming his commitment to Arkansas, it's also reported that his mother wants him to stay close to home. The South Florida Sun-Sentinal is reporting that Collins didn't show up for the signing ceremony, and that the family wants more time to consider options before Collins signs his Letter of Intent.

This is obviously disappointing and frustrating for Razorback fans since Collins was projected to be the headliner for the Arkansas recruiting class. It is important to note that Collins has not decommitted, but this is a bump in the road on what has otherwise been a very successful Signing Day for Bret Bielema and his staff.

We'll be following the story and will have updates when they become available.