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The John Daly and Barry Switzer Downstream Casino Commercials - An Analysis

Downstream Casino Resort creates commercials that deserve to be shared all over the world.

Downstream Casino & Resort/

Anything with Barry Switzer is a guaranteed classic. Imagining him hanging out with John Daly takes your imagination to crazy places. Top it off with Billy Sims in some sort of James Brown-slash-Donny Osmond hair, and that takes us into legend territory. Limiting them to the local television viewers in the Arkansas/Oklahoma/Missouri/Kansas border region is thievery.

The is the most powerful commercial in the collection canon. It's called "When Someone Loves You". The star power hits you in the face instantly.


It's too much power to be left in black and white. Daly's voice blasts the color onto the screen in vibrant pinks and purples. Switzer and Sims don't even grace the screen until color comes in. It's like they're saying the Downstream Casino Resort is Oz and we're all living in Depression Kansas with a yap-dog and townies.


It's such a magical place. In just 10 seconds you can go from the faux-Rat Pack lounge show to whatever is about to happen in this room.


But whatever it was sure put everybody in a good mood! They've literally taken the party to the after party to the hotel lobby.


Then we close it out with "and you're the only one, oh yeah!" and they point to me like they're actually talking to me and I can have the exact same Downstream Casino experience that this Wolfpack did. Oh yeah.


This commercial should be part of the Arkansas recruiting guide.

At this point we know we all want to be at the resort, and knowing that you're just a John Daly tee shot from the Fayetteville town square? Amazing. And to think we always just take our recruits to the Catfish Hole and feed them endless hushpuppies.


I need to know what Switzer says here. We got the "sh" and can tell it likely ends in a "!". They're clearly leaving it open to interpretation, not unlike a spicy Miles Davis number. I'm going with something that's not so much a word but more of a brute sound. "SHWEEOOOALAAA!" perhaps.


"Where are we?" Really? I assume Daly knew he was in Fayetteville, but wanted to know just how close he was to the Damgoode Pies and the driver was unaware. Classic miscommunication.




I WANT TO DO THIS SO BAD! And anyone who says they wouldn't is either a liar or a fool.

You know someone was all like "I bet you can't hit a ball over the top of the town square from here" and Daly was all like "stop the bus, I'll climb on top of the bus and hit it to Barry at the resort. And you'll owe me 50 bucks."


Two things:

1. This must be why Switzer was a wishbone guy. He is very fearful of balls in the air. I can see why Troy Aikman left OU.

2. John Daly is incredibly accurate when hitting into bars. Clearly, he's lost out on millions for not having a caddy creative enough to drop a glass into the bottom of his golf holes.


I looked very closely and I'm reasonably sure that says "Faytvul". FAYTVUL!

Typically, when I abbreviate the town in text messages or the like, I use "FVille" or "FV" but never thought of FAYTVUL. That is genius. That should go on a shirt. "Keep Fayetteville Faytvul" is something I might buy.


There's just too much in this ad to do screenshots. Too much icing on this cake. Just watch it.


This ad is more straight-forward. Pure road trip/buddy-comedy.


Daly's not allowed in the front seat on account of his suit is a distraction to oncoming traffic. With his blond hair, you can see Tyrion Lannister wearing this get-up just to piss off his father.

Only John Daly's 5th time? 5th time that week, maybe.


Love this dialogue

BILLY SIMMS: My first visit coach

BARRY SWITZER: First impression?

SIMMS: Wish I'd have made it sooner

SWITZER: Hey, I'm glad you're a Sooner!

SIMMS: Me too, coach!

And then they all laugh! Ha! Haha! A clever pun! Pun comedy always kills.


This is a full-minute long ad, so they're bringing out all the stops. It's the Downstream Casino version of an hour-long, post Super Bowl episode of Friends.


University of Arkansas All-American! Yes! Chalk one up for Razorback tradition! This is another one for the recruiting brochure.


I think this means Tony Casillas will give us wine if we go to the resort. That's what I believe.



Why isn't this his Heisman statue outside the stadium in Norman?

Things you can do after tearing both ACLs: 1) win the Heisman, 2) play blackjack at the Downstream Casino. And I'm fairly sure he looks much more pleased with himself for the blackjack.


Billy Sims screen-time without "BOOMER!" isn't really Billy Sims screen-time.


Then Switzer ends the commercial with like 20 seconds of constant shouting. It's like a pregame speech. It'll make you run through a wall to party at the Downstream Casino with Barry Switzer and pals.


This is a very special edition of the Downstream Casino commercial series, as Barry Switzer learns to deal with depression.


This is how Mad Men ends.


"Haha! Look at her she's wearing funny pants. So silly. "

"Laugh all you want boys. Only one of our butts can pull these pants off."



This is like a late-Friday night, As Seen On TV commercial crossed with Donald Trump.



That's such a sad woooooooo.


And then everyone comes together and they all lived happily ever after.

This is the one they'll submit for Emmy consideration.


This one is a pure Barry Switzer vehicle. The cheerleader/waitresses are the Yoko of the Switzer/Daly/Sims trio.



This has to be the worst assistant coach in Switzer's career. I like to think this is what his assistants looked like when Switzer asked things like "Think we can get away with this?"



I want those drinks to be flawlessly served! Go!


This is entitled "Ghost" and it is magical



That hair. Revel in that hair. Get lost in that hair. Once you get to the casino, that hair will trap you and will not let you leave.


That is legitimately spooky.

Also, where did they tell Tony Casillo the ghost would be? He's like some tourist weatherman in front of the green screen map for the first time, waving his hand over the entire Midwest and going "and somewhere over here is Missouri and it's raining"


This may be more documentary than advertisement.


They better be bringing a shuttle to and from Bella Vista everyday. They're missing out if not.


And there is hell to pay if the shuttle is late. I'd cross Switzer before these ladies.

Not Daly's best moment. Switzer just benched him and put the old ladies on the field.


Again, these may or may not be actresses and they may or may not be in costume. It's a place for the whole family!


There are others, including one that makes playing on their golf course appear to be pure, I'd-rather-go-through-Switzer's-preregulation-two-a-days-in-Norman torture.

And there's this one, that's best just for the acting involved.