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Bobby Petrino

Athlon Ranks Bielema 3rd Best Coach in SEC But Behind Petrino

It is the summer. These are the talking points.

Don't Compare Bobby Petrino to Art Briles

One is not like the other.

Featured Fanshot

Here's Bobby Petrino Getting Into a Scuffle With a Kentucky Assistant Coach

Petrino or FSU on Thursday? CFB Weekend Schedule

Vote on who you're cheering for Thursday night.

BREAKING NEWS: People Dislike Bobby Petrino

Start questioning everything you've ever known

Matt Lauer Calls the Hogs... kinda

I won't stand or this.

The Biggest Villain In Hog History: THE WINNER

Recency bias? What recency bias?

The Biggest Villain In Hog History: THE FINALS

Our journey must come to an end.

The Biggest Villain in Hog History: FINAL FOUR

Some tough choices here in the Final Four.

Biggest Villain In Hog History: QUARTERFINALS

To the next round we go...

Biggest Villain In Razorback History: FIRST ROUND

We've tallied up your votes and made a pretty solid bracket. Vote now!

Evaluating The Recruiting Ratings: Hogs 2010 Class

With one week before Signing Day, we thought it would be interesting to evaluate the recruiting ratings of the group that was signed four years ago. Were the players underrated, overrated, or properly rated?

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Gut Punches

Arkansas' most painful losses in the BCS era

All-BCS Era Razorbacks: Best Team

Arkansas fielded some pretty great teams throughout the BCS era, but if we had to put our money on one team to beat them all, we will go with.....

All-BCS Era Razorbacks Team: Head Coach

Do you think it should be Nutt or Petrino?

What Petrino Going Back To UL Means For Arkansas

We may have to retire from Arkansas message boards - at least until the Hogs win an SEC game again.

All BCS-Era Razorbacks Team: Quarterback

Arkansas has had some great quarterbacks over the last several years, but our choice was easy.

Arkansas Fight Top 10 Posts of 2013

What were you reading this year?

Hogs' Defense Has Allowed Lots Of Career Bests


Let's Talk About These 2008 and 2013 Comparisons

It seems everyone wants to compare these Hogs to the 2008 version that struggled in Bobby Petrino's first year in Fayetteville. I thought it was worthwhile to take a deeper look at the two teams.

Remembering The Arkansas vs South Carolina Series

This is the final game in what has been a 22-year series in which Arkansas and South Carolina have played each other. Let's remember the good times. At least they were mostly good.

Any Doubt 2012 Was Hogs' Biggest Disaster Ever?

The SEC sites on SB Nation were instructed to do a series to determine the biggest disaster in their program's history. We thought, "aw, that's cute. But really, a series is unnecessary."

Real Hog Talk - A Conversation

Inspired by the NCAA '14 game, Allen from the Hog Trough Fancast and Expats contributor Robert Boyd share a conversation about the Razorbacks' season, the running game, the Hogs' place in the SEC, and more.

Featured Fanshot

Stewart Mandel Lists Bielema Among Top Coaches In America

Bielema isn't listed in the top 10, but is among a pretty impressive list of coaches in the "Just Missed" section along with Steve Spurrier, Charlie Strong, Brian Kelly and Mark Richt. Bobby Petrino is #9 on the list. However, John L. Smith is not listed among the 5 worst, and that kinda throws the credibility of the list into question - regardless of how small Fort Lewis College is.

64 Days - Travis Swanson

Thanks to Swanson, there's at least one position on the depth chart fans don't have to worry about going into the season.

Grantland Profile of Bret Bielema & His Hiring

Jordan Conn came to Fayetteville during spring practice back in April, and wrote a fantastic profile of the new Razorback head coach for Grantland, including a detailed look at the hiring process from last fall.

Our Q&A With Mitch Mustain

After seeing the documentary profiling Mustain's tempestuous time in Arkansas, we caught up with Mustain to ask a few follow-up questions about Gus Malzahn, Houston Nutt, the 2006 Arkansas football team, his 2011 arrest, and more.

Remembering The Razorbacks/Gamecocks Annual Series

It was reported Thursday that Arkansas will end its annual rivalry with the Gamecocks and replace it with Missouri beginning in 2014. Let's remember the best of it.

What Does The NFL Draft Say About Hog Football?

Here's a collection of reactions to what happened during Draft weekend and how it all relates to the Razorbacks.

Tyler Wilson - NFL Draft Profile

Quarterback, 6' 2 1/8", 215 lbs, Greenwood, Arkansas

POLL: Hog Fans Really Really Hate Michael Dyer

The venom on message boards and social media makes me wonder, who is the most hated person in all of Razorback fandom?

Happy Anniversary, Bobby Petrino!

We know 2012 would have been a lot more fun if Bobby Petrino had been on the sidelines instead of L , but beyond? One year after the worst April Fool's prank in history, we look back at the amazing events of last April and where the Hogs are today.


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