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The Grades Are In

Both Chris Bahn of and Alex Abrams of The Morning News have graded the Hogs' performance ... and, understandably, the results ain't pretty. In fact, the report cards would make Bluto Blutarsky and his Delta frat brothers proud.

Here's a quick overview of Bahn's assessment (click here to get the full grisly details) - Offense: D. Defense: D-. Special Teams: C-. Overall: D. Choice quote: "This could be a really long year for Arkansas. There are problems all over the place and just about the time one liability looks improved, another one springs up."

Abrams breaks it down like this (again, just press here to see his report in full) - Quarterbacks: F. Running Backs: B-. Wide Receivers: C. Offensive Line: D-. Defensive Line: F. Linebackers: D. Secondary: C-. Special Teams: B-. Coaching C-. Choice quote: "Whether it's fair or not, the coach always takes the blame for a loss. Willy Robinson's defense seemed to regress, missing tackles and giving up big plays. And Petrino and offensive coordinator Paul Petrino could never get the offense into a rhythm."