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Jeff Long

Pork Links: Basketball Updates, Recruiting, More

Plus: Was it more about the Hogs or Mizzou being bad? Plus, Whitt's Homecoming and Baseball on TV!

Could Michigan Come After Jeff Long?

The Wolverines are beginning a search for a new AD, and Jeff Long has deep connections to Ann Arbor.

Summer Hot Takes: Jeff Long Underrated, Overrated?

This is pretty straighforward. We're playing "underrated, overrated, or properly rated?" with Jeff Long. What do you think?

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Jeff Long 14th Most Influential Person In College Sports, per CBS Poll

A panel of 12 mostly respected voices (I mean, the real Dan Beebe was a voter) compiled this list of the top 25 most influential people in college sports. Among the names behind Long? Nick Saban, Phil Knight, and tied with Jimmy Sexton. Voter comment: "Long has ascended to a high profile role that no one could have seen coming only a few years ago. Though accompanied by more than a dozen colleagues (on the CFP Selection Committee), Long will again be this year's man on the hot seat. And coming from the most coveted football conference adds both pleasure and pressure to the role. For sure, however, his voice is more clearly seen in the leadership position of the game and the business as a result."

Jeff Long Wins AD Of The Year Award from SBJ/SBD

Congratulations to Fearless Leader. Here's the relevant portions of the press release from UA.

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Jeff Long Re-Elected Chairman of College Football Playoff Selection Committee

I mean, after seeing what happened to Jeff Long's mentions this year, does anybody else really want to do it? Either way, congratulations to Long, and we look forward to seeing him on TV all the time during Razorback games and on Tuesday nights next season.

Twitter Reacts To Jeff Long's Playoff Announcement

Arkansas' athletic director made lots of new fans Tuesday night. Here are some of the highlights. Warning: some of these are NSFW.

Could Jeff Long Possibly Be The Next SEC Commish?

Is Arkansas' AD in the running for a new job next year?

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Arkansas Plans "Wild Band of Razorbacks" Monument

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Jeff Long Admits Hiring John L Smith Was A Mistake

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Bielema's Big Gamble: "Man, this is going to be fun"

This is a new feature on Bielema from Sports on Earth's Lars Anderson. I thought it was worth sharing. I would probably argue Anderson overrated the fan base's enthusiasm for Bielema at this point. That might have been true this time a year ago, but I think there's a lot more nervous excitement now.

The Hog Call: Trademarked

The Hog Call has been trademarked, if it wasn't ours before, it certainly is now.

Pork Links: Hiring Female Coaches, Season Tickets

Specifically, a new payment plan for football season tickets, and some other stuff.

USA Today Breaks Down UA Athletic Financials

It's their annual report. So how does Arkansas stack up compared to the rest of the country?

Photos: New Razorbacks Uniforms & Alternate Logo

Here's a full photo gallery of all the NEW STUFF that was unveiled Monday night.

Hogspy's & BIG Reveal LiveBlog and Open Thread

Come join the fun with us as we find out all the details of this "Something Big" campaign and all the Hogspy winners.

Razorbacks Unveiling "Something Big" Monday Night

Who's ready for a big night of "Razorback Brand Identity"?

New Razorback Secondary Logo Unveiled?

The Razorbacks have been teasing "something big" to be unveiled April 21st, and that has been rumored to at least include a new secondary logo. Is this what we have to look forward to?

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Razorbacks In Perfect Position To Take A Chance on Jimmy Dykes

Here's my #HOTSPORTSTAKE on the Jimmy Dykes hire. Basically, I don't know if he'll win, but when you understand just how far down the women's basketball program has been, generating buzz does make sense. It almost literally can't get worse no matter how much he might lose. And besides, he might win. But he'll almost definitely help the program make a little more money immediately, and that's not insignificant.

Jimmy Dykes Hired as New Women's Basketball Coach

The now-former broadcaster is leaving ESPN to try to revitalize the Arkansas women's basketball program.

Women's Basketball Coach Tom Collen Fired

He compiled a 132-90 record over his seven seasons in Fayetteville.

What Is The "Something Big" UA Is Teasing?

The Arkansas athletic department released a mysterious video on Monday. What could it mean?

UA Changing The Official Shade Of Razorback Red?

Looks like there is a new definition to Razorback red.

Arkansas Knows You Don't Like RazorVision Baseball

Here's what they're doing to improve it. All we want to do is watch baseball games (or any other sport)!

UA To Begin Selling Beer/Wine in DWRRS Indoor Club

Who's ready for some craft Woo Pig Brewy?

What Petrino Going Back To UL Means For Arkansas

We may have to retire from Arkansas message boards - at least until the Hogs win an SEC game again.

Arkansas Fight Panel Discussion: Week 10

Talking Bielema/Malzahn, the Arkansas offense, Jeff Long/Texas, and more.

Jeff Long Gets Raise & Bonus For Staying at UA

Texas showed interest, and Arkansas gave him some cash to avoid them.

UPDATED: Long Not Interviewing For Texas AD Job?

Reporter Chuck Carlton of The Dallas Morning News says Long is not the favorite, but is a finalist.

Jeff Long Named Chairman of CFB PSC

Simply put, Arkansas' athletic director is now among the most powerful people in college football.

Remembering The Arkansas vs South Carolina Series

This is the final game in what has been a 22-year series in which Arkansas and South Carolina have played each other. Let's remember the good times. At least they were mostly good.

Long To Join CFB Playoff Selection Committee?

Now the Razorbacks just have to get to the point of being considered for the playoff


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