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Jeff Long Expected To Join The College Football Playoff Selection Committee


Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after it was reported by CBS that Barry Alvarez would be part of the College Football Playoff selection committee, the AP is reporting that Arkansas' own Jeff Long will be joining the group.

This is not a huge surprise as Long as been widely lauded for his integrity ever since firing Bobby Petrino in April 2012, including winning an Under Armour Athletic Director of the Year award this summer.

Who wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall when Alvarez and Long find themselves in the same room together?  Think they might have some interesting things to talk about?

This should come as a relief to Arkansas fans, many of whom have long held conspiracy theories about various parties having biases against them. Now the Razorbacks just have to get to the point of being considered for the playoff.

It appears one athletic director from at least the six major conferences will be part of the committee. The selection committee will select the four teams to play for the national championship beginning in 2014. It is unknown if these are single year appointments or if they go on indefinitely.

Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich was also named in the report to join the committee, along with Alvarez, West Virginia's Oliver Luck, and USC's Pat Hadan, who were also named in the CBS report.