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Arkansas Razorbacks New Uniforms and New Alternate Logo

Here's a full gallery of all the NEW STUFF that was unveiled Monday night. Press the forward or back arrows on the picture above to scroll through.

At long last, here they are.

Fans hoping for a return to something more closely resembling the Darren McFadden-era uniforms are probably disappointed, but I'm okay with them overall. I do think the football uniforms are simpler than they have been. No giant tusks coming up the ribs. No "RAZORBACKS" spell-out going down the legs. No lightning bolts on the shoulders. These are pretty straight forward, relatively speaking.

How much you like them may depend on how strongly you feel about the font used to say "Razorbacks" across the chest. The new style of lettering gives the uniforms a distinctly trendy look as opposed to more traditional text.

I'm fine with them. I don't notice too much of a difference in the basketball uniforms. I still prefer the larger font that curves over the numbers that the Hogs wore in different variations for the last several decades up until the new Nike contract changed that a couple years back.

The only ones I distinctly think are worse than what we have now are the baseball jerseys. I hate the font for baseball. The vintage uniforms Arkansas has worn this season have been near-universally beloved among the people I see commenting on it. I definitely prefer a more traditional look in baseball, but that's just me.

As for the logo, I'll just say I don't really see the point. I know they'll probably sell a crap ton of new merchandise (some of which was right there as part of the new branding release! Subtlety!) but it doesn't do anything for me. Will it be known as Pumbaa? Will we ever know if those are tusks or whiskers? I don't know. Oh well, Hakuna Matata does, after all, mean "No Worries."

What do you think?