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Jeff Long Announces College Football Playoff Top 25; Thoughtful Twitter Reaction

Arkansas' athletic director made lots of new fans Tuesday night. Here are some of the highlights. Warning: some of these are NSFW.

Jeff Long-USA TODAY Sports

By chairing the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, Jeff Long agreed to basically become the face of the Playoff. Tuesday night was his first time to introduce the Selection Committee's top 25 ranking, including the four teams that would be in the Playoff as of today. This is something he will do every week until after the regular season concludes in December.

The Committee chose a final four of Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn, and Ole Miss. As you might be able to imagine, particularly with three SEC teams in that top four, plenty of other fan bases around the country were less than pleased.

While the vitriol throughout social media is limitless, we chose to show you what people were directly saying to Jeff Long via Twitter. To be fair, there were many notes of praise, but that's not what this is about. The negative seemed to far outweigh the positive. If Jeff Long checks his Twitter tonight, as we all know he does frequently, this is what he'll be seeing.

Some people just get nasty behind a keyboard, if not completely NSFW

[Redacted for obscenities 1]

[Redacted for obscenities 2]

Surprisingly, the fan base most frequently upset with Long? Marshall.

And then some get personal with Arkansas and that is just not cool.

I mean, Arkansas has only played one of those four teams. Shut your mouth, Opie!

Oh, and sports admin majors at John L. Smith's school don't get to talk crap to Jeff Long and/or Arkansas. EVER. We ain't even square yet.