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Jeff Long Receives Raise and Bonus From Arkansas For Not Going To Texas

Cashin' out! Or, well, getting cash but staying in. Or something. He's getting paid.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard the story from this weekend in which the Dallas Morning News reported Jeff Long was one of three finalists for the AD job at Texas and would interview, then Long's denial that he was part of the search process.

Turns out, at the very least, Long was part of the process at least to the extent that the university decided to give Long lots of extra cash to stay in Fayetteville.

How much?

  • A one-time $100,000 bonus
  • A $100,000 increase in his yearly salary, which has been $900,000 (so it will now be $1,000,000)
  • Another $100,000 increase in annual salary beginning July 1, 2014, bumping it to $1.1 million
  • He also has the opportunity to earn $250,000 each year in "easily obtained" incentives

The letter from Arkansas Chancellor David Gearhart to Long, according to Arkansas News:

"(Arkansas) President Donald Bobbitt and I are also aware that another institution of higher education with significant resources has expressed its desire to retain your services for its athletic department at a higher compensation level than you are currently receiving at the University. Accordingly, the University would like to retain you in your current position." - See more at:

This is Long's second raise in the last thirteen months. He was bumped to the $900,000 level in October 2012, after Stanford had reportedly shown in interest in hiring Long and before the coaching search heated up.

Now that this business has been settled, Long can get back to regularly scheduled business of asking donors for cash to help build the basketball practice facility.