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Are The Arkansas Razorbacks Changing Their Official Shade Of Red?

Arkansas is making an effort to further clarify the definition of Razorback Red


As a part of the rebranding overhaul by the University of Arkansas athletic department, the Razorbacks are changing their official color in the near future.

Senior associate athletic director Mike Waddell has been giving Razorback fans some hints on twitter about what all would be included in the rebranding. Arkansas changing its colors is the first big hint.

However, Arkansas currently uses Pantone (PMS) 200, according to the University of Arkansas Graphic Identity Style Guide. Georgia also uses Pantone 200.

He then confirmed the change to Pantone 202 in a tweet to Doc Harper.

Here is what Pantone 200 looks like and how it fits the current logo:




Arkansas will apparently now use the Pantone (pms) 202, which is this:


Although 200 has been the official color, Waddell says 202 is the same shade of red that was in the school's uniforms this season

PMS 202 is also claimed by South Carolina and Mississippi State (on paper only like the business card below - not maroon like their uniforms. The color on the cards is clearly not the maroon they wear on the field.).



You can read Mississippi State's visual identity standards here and South Carolina's here.

South Carolina bills their colors as "garnet and black." Arkansas will now be using the same shade, and the two schools can now have a fight over whether that shade is garnet or cardinal. It's too bad the two school aren't going to be playing football against each other every year anymore. They could call it "The PMS 202 Bowl".

There's no word yet on whether anthracite will be added to the school's official list of colors.

There has been a long standing debate on what the "real" Razorback red is. Officially, it was Pantone 200 although that hasn't stopped licensees from using a variety of shades over the years.

Waddell has also given some hints about other changes.

It has yet to been heard what else could be involved in this "rebranding." Since the color scheme is changed, could that mean a new court at Bud Walton Arena and/or a new Hog at the 50 yard line of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium? Waddell has spent some time working on this and spent time this week at Nike headquarters in Oregon working on the new rebranding.

What do you think about sharing a color with South Carolina? What do you think about this whole thing? Let us know below.