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Arkansas Razorbacks Hogspy's & BIG Reveal (New Uniforms, Logo, Brand Etc) LiveBlog and Open Thread

Keep coming back here throughout Monday night as we watch the Hogspy's and finally get to see the new uniforms, logo, etc. Should be fun.

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9:33: That's a wrap. Thanks for following along. Hope y'all had fun.

9:25: Female team of the year: soccer. Men's XC/Track team wins male team of the year.  Good things happen when you make runs in the postseason.


9:15: Women's golf wins the female academic team of the year. Men's golf wins the male academic team of the year. We've got some hard studyin' golfers, apparently. Every time I think this show is over they find another award to give out.

9:14: Jeff Long wraps it up. Tells Michael Qualls he'll have to fork over more than $100 for Jeff's custom made shoes. Also says, "we have nowhere to go but up". Don't we all know it. Gives the usual "I'm proud of all of you" speech.

9:07: Coach of the Year: Colby Hale (soccer).

In case you were wondering, no, Bret Bielema, Mike Anderson, nor Dave Van Horn were nominated.

9:04: Male Student Athlete of the Year: Sebastian Cappelan (golf). Cappelan has been a great golfer for Arkansas, and the golf team is actually really good.

9:00 Female Student Athlete of the Year: our new 2-time national champion Katherine Grable.

8:55: Was not expecting them to show Bielema tripping and falling on his way into the stadium before the A&M game. That was a surprise.

8:40: After some sweet dance move montage, we're now back to the awards. Female play of the year went to the women's track relay team. Male play of the year goes to Michael Qualls for THE ONE KENTUCKY PLAY

8:38: The Nike rep went on stage and explained some of the changes regarding font and text and such. Nothing earth-shattering. Standard "theme" stuff.

8:35: New uniform looks:








8: 25 Screen_shot_2014-04-21_at_8


8:22: Female Brandon Burlsworth award goes to Emily Podzielinski (golf) and male goes to Kikko Haydar. You knew Kikko wasn't getting out of here without winning something.

8:17: I'll never understand how video ads never have any problem playing, but the content you want to see has zillions of streaming problems.

8:15: Aha! #RazorVision

8:13: Serious buffering issues. Haven't been able to get through the Hog Tough Award. Anyone else having problems?

8:06: Tera Bradham from swimming wins a graduation award with another pair of ladies. I'm fuzzy on this one because it was rebuffing as the presenters flirted with each other. Lots of flirting at this here Hogspys.

8:03: Oh this dude (did they say soccer coach?) would just annoy the heck out of me

8:00: "Heart of the Hog" goes to Bailee Zumwalde. She's racking up tonight so far. Like a U2 album at the Grammy's.

7:57: Male rookie of the year goes to Omar McLeod from the track team. THIS IS AN UPSET OVER BOBBY PORTIS! Vegas had Portis at 2:1, probably. McLeod won the 60m hurdles national title.

7:55: Female rookie of the year: Jessica Jackson from the women's basketball team. She TOWERS over Brad Nessler. Luke Charpentier presents and is smooth. They also show a shot of Bielema who is not wearing a windbreaker and flip flops. He's wearing a suit jacket with a shirt. Top button unbuttoned. Natch.

7:51: Distinguished Leaders Awards. Presenters come out to circus music. Sorry, "Razorback Leader of Distinction". Jessie Givins (soccer), Aubrey Golbeck (swimming), Bailee Zumwalde (gymnastics) are the winners.

7:43: Jimmy Dykes is our host. Oh hey Brad Nessler! Jimmy's buddy! Or is Nessler the host now? I don't know.

7:40: And we're rebuffering again.

7:37: Was that Jimmy Dykes? Is he the new resident MC for Razorback events in addition to his women's basketball duties?

7:30: We all know this early rap music is in honor of Chris Bahn's attendance, right?

7:26: Should we be happy they're playing "Song of the South" or be upset they're playing a song by Alabama because Bama?

7:24: Now playing "we could do this all night". Let's not and say we did.

7:17: Already rebuffering.

7:16: We're watching this on RazorVision here. Yes it's RazorVision so hopefully it won't suck tonight.

7:15: Who's ready for a night of "brand identity"? No, this is not an undergraduate marketing class, this is actually a celebratory awards show!