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Hog Fan Barrett Baber Advances on The Voice

This Razorback fan is making a name for himself on NBC's singing competition.

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SEC Network Planning New Field Goal Range Line For Arkansas, via Rock City Times

Not even sure that's close enough. I'd give Arkansas a 50/50 shot at converting.

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Jermain Taylor Wins IBF Championship Over Sam Soliman

I watched both of the 2005 fights vs Bernard Hopkins at watch parties at bars in the Little Rock River Market that no longer exist. They're awesome, fantastic memories. This was not quite like that. This was a Wednesday night at home watching the fight on ESPN2 at a Casino in Biloxi. But it was still fun to see Taylor win a belt again. Even if he was fighting a dude with one good leg. I never thought I'd see it again. That was cool.

#BamaWeek: A Lesson in Work Avoidance

There are times to put work on the back burner.... this is one of those times.

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Looks Like We Have A Big New Fan

We're taking full credit for this

OP ED: Responding To Ryan Higgins & All The Haters

I won't let this, or anything, slide.

BREAKING NEWS: People Dislike Bobby Petrino

Start questioning everything you've ever known

Predicting The New Razorback Stadium Entrance

The Arkansas Athletic Department may be making some changes to the players game day entrance. Here are a few suggestions.

Hog Fan "Breaks Up" w/ Kliff Kingsbury; He Answers

I mean, Hog fans have done weirder things, I guess. But his answer is pretty cool

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Fayetteville's Craft Beers: A Tailgater's Guide

This is a fun write-up from the Fayetteville Flyer. When you're on the hill this fall, remember, drink local!

Matt Lauer Calls the Hogs... kinda

I won't stand or this.

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Matt Lauer Calls The Hogs On The Today Show

There's been some Hog stuff going around The Today Show this morning and I'm not sure why, but it includes Matt Lauer wearing a Hog hat and learning to Call the Hogs. It's kind of painfully awkward as it usually is when outsiders try it the first time.

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Flip the Script: New Razorback Hype Video

This new hype video has it all. From the Friday Night Lights series music, to the voiceover to the huge plays. This video will get you ready for another year of Arkansas sports.

Oldest Living American is Apparently a Hog Fan

Stress from the Razorbacks may be taking a toll on all of us, but Gertrude Weaver has managed to overcome it.

Stacy Lewis Wins NW Arkansas LPGA Championship

The former Razorback and currently the world's top-ranked female golfer continues her amazing run.

Stacy Lewis Wins ShopRite; Reclaims #1 World Rank

The former Razorback won her second event of the year this weekend and can once again claim the title of world's best female golfer.

Hogspy's & BIG Reveal LiveBlog and Open Thread

Come join the fun with us as we find out all the details of this "Something Big" campaign and all the Hogspy winners.

Gym'Back Katherine Grable Wins 2 National Titles

The Razorback gymnastics program has been steadily growing in recent years, and senior All-American has put the first two national championships in its trophy case with these two routines.

#NeverYield NIT Bracket Challenge - 2014

We couldn't find an NIT Bracket Challenge anywhere, so let's start our own!

Gym'Backs Send Kentucky Back To The Holler

in which the team and Katherine Grable set records.

Did I Miss The Greatest Event In World History?

I hate myself for this.

Post-Football Syndrome: What Do We Do Now?

You need help, and we are here to help you.

Pork Links: Kiero Kitten Update, Qualls, 'Crootin!

News, notes, and interesting reads for Hog fans. His name is Choppa.

UA Frat Guys Make Another Katy Perry Video

This is becoming a new tradition, apparently.

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We Love Darren McFadden

Retire #5. Or do something similar.

Stacy Lewis Wins Women's British Open

The former Razorback wins her 2nd career major tournament in dramatic fashion.

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Arkansas Golf #NeverYield Hype Video

This was made in May before the golf team went into the NCAA tournament, but I just found it and think it's great. The drama! The intensity! EVERY SHOT COUNTS and OMG WATCH OUT FOR THE HAZARDS!

Vote For Stacy Lewis To Win ESPY Award

It's a public vote, so share with your friends! Family! Coworkers! Lewis is the first American LPGA Player of the Year since 1994, so this is a vote for America!

Breaking Down The Downstream Casino Commercials

Starring Barry Switzer, John Daly, Billy Sims and others, Downstream Casino Resort creates commercials that deserve to be shared all over the world.

Men's Indoor Track Team Wins National Title

Back where we belong.

Gym'Backs Set Season High Against Alabama

Despite the loathsome tie, this was the Gym'Backs' best performance of the season and led to some individual recognition for awesomeness.


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