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Arkansas' Jim Chaney On Kansas Coaching Search Hot Board

Is the the Razorbacks' offensive coordinator a Jayhawk target?

Doc Harper

We all know the Kansas football program is in a perpetual state of motorcycle crashes, and they're once again looking for a new coach because somehow hiring a guy who failed at Notre Dame had trouble finding success with the Jayhawks.

So as Razorback fans may remember from a couple years ago, that means it's Jayhawk Coaching Hot Board season. The KU Rivals site,, has Chaney listed.  It's apparently a free article, so click away.

Here's what they had to say about Chaney's possible candidacy:

KU AD Zenger is familiar with Chaney because Zenger joined the Wyoming staff a year after Chaney left for Purdue. Chaney is a native of Holden, Mo., and graduated from Central Missouri State. Sources have told Jayhawk Slant he would very interested in the Kansas opening.

I do think it's pretty funny that they're drawing a connection between Zenger and Chaney because Zenger got to Wyoming a year after Chaney left, so they were never actually there at the same time. But I guess if you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, you can feel close. That's how Walter White hooked up with Gus Fring after all.

Obviously there are several other candidates listed. And it should be noted that Chaney isn't one of the candidates "trending up". But I guess now we have to keep our eye on this situation.