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Details Of SEC Nation Broadcasts In Fayetteville For Arkansas vs Alabama Game

Here's what you need to know

ESPN Media Zone

UPDATE: The Friday evening broadcast that was scheduled from 5-6:00 pm is being canceled due to potential rain. The Saturday morning broadcast is still going ot happen as scheduled. The Friday pep rally will still take place at 6:00 pm.


The SEC Network's new GameDay-like show, SEC Nation, is making its way to Fayetteville for this weekend's game vs Alabama.

There are some important things everyone should know, quasi-including the fact that this will be Tim Tebow's first time dealing with a large number of Razorback fans since the 2009 Gainesville Tragedy, not that anyone should make any signs to remind him or anything.

First thing, they are not going to set up in The Pit like GameDay did. SEC Nation will be broadcast from Victory Village North, which is the area north of The Pit in the grassy area by the Poultry Building.

The Saturday morning show will air from 9-11 am. Students and the public are invited to attend and bring signs, a la GameDay.

There is also a sign contest "to see who has the most creative and humorous sign." The winner get s$500.

The press release also notes "Please remember that signs must be appropriate for all ages. If your grandmother would not approve, then don’t make it!" which is hilarious because I know some pretty salty grandmas, especially when it comes to the Hogs.