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Gus Malzahn

New Screenings Announced for Mustain Documentary

Here are some new opportunities to see the film for those who've never had a chance, or would like to see it again.

Nutt, Malzahn, Mustain Saga Back In The News

Are the old coaches attempting to rewrite history?

Panel Discussion Part II: Let's Talk About Auburn

We turn our focus to the game on Saturday

Do Malzahn's Teams Start Their Seasons Slowly?

As we continue our quest for hope in the season opener, let's look at one idea that some Razorback fans have been clinging to.

Could Nick Marshall Be Suspended Against Arkansas?

Marshall was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana days before SEC Media Days.

Slowing the Auburn Rushing Attack: Part II

What will Arkansas have in place for the Auburn Tigers in terms of personnel and scheme? Lets take a look at what defensive coordinator Robb Smith has done against similiar offenses in the past, and what players he will have to implement his defense.

Defending the Auburn Run Game

How can Arkansas slow down the machine that pushed the Tigers to the brink of winning the BCS National Championship?

Looking at Alabama, Auburn, & Mizzou Spring Games

Alabama, Auburn, and Missouri all played Spring Games on April 19th, here's a quick run down.

Bielema’s Response To RichRod Video...Probably

I doubt there’s any sort of real response from Bielema about the new Arizona video (although you never can be sure with Coach B) but it would probably be a pretty simple message.

Let's Talk About Bielema And The HUNH Business

Here's the thing about Bret Bielema and his stance on the hurry-up-no-huddle and its impact on player safety:

What Petrino Going Back To UL Means For Arkansas

We may have to retire from Arkansas message boards - at least until the Hogs win an SEC game again.

Airing of Grievances 2013 - Razorback Edition

Monday was Festivus, and as per tradition, we begin with the Airing of Grievances

Hog Trough Fancast #88 - The Great Gus Debate

Wait...this is an Arkansas Razorback podcast, right? Don't worry, we'll get there...

Let's Talk About Bret Bielema

Air your grievances, but before you do, please heed a few ground rules

Arkansas Fight Panel Discussion: Week 10

Talking Bielema/Malzahn, the Arkansas offense, Jeff Long/Texas, and more.

Hogs Fall to To Tigers, Hogs

Arkansas continues to display an uncanny ability to defeat self

Q&A With College And Magnolia

We reached out to Chris Fuhrmeister of College and Magnolia, SB Nation's Auburn site, to get some insight on Arkansas' next opponent.

Don't Compare Bielema To Other New SEC Coaches

One of the more frustrating things for Hog fans this season has been watching the success of other first-year coaches in the SEC, but it's unfair to compare Bielema's record to theirs. Each coach inherits a different situation.

Malzahn's Comments Suggest He's Not Up For Hog Job

Want to prove you're not a candidate for a job? Publicly contradict the policy of the employer.

Crazy Times: Malzahn Heads to Jonesboro

Reasons to Hate: Auburn

Q&A: Talking Auburn vs Arkansas with War Blog Eagle

What do Auburn fans think about this weekend's game? The Arkansas Expats host a Q&A with Jerry Hinnen from War Blog Eagle.

The What-If Game: QB Edition


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