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The What-If Game: QB Edition

I sort of hate to pile on to a situation that has already been thoroughly critiqued and criticized, but absolutely nothing about Tom Murphy's article about Casey Dick in yesterday's Democrat-Gazette gave me any confidence that the Hogs will even have a semblance of a passing game this year.

Grovey/McFadden/Jones: Photos courtesy of, Nelson Chenault/US Presswire, Brian Bahr/Getty Images.Of course, given the high talent level on defense, last year was probably the best window of opportunity to make a big splash with this current team. Not to bring up too many painful memories, but those last three losses were each easily winnable with a few key completions here and there (and this isn't meant to single out Dick...I think blame should be shared between him, Mitch Mustain, Houston Nutt and Gus Malzahn, but that's a different post).

So all this got me to thinking...what if we'd had a great QB from years past leading the team last year? Would anybody have been able to stop a dream backfield of Quinn Grovey plus McFadden and Jones? (next question: would they have needed to throw a single pass all season?)

My guess is probably fact, I'll be so bold as to say that the Hogs probably would have been national champs last year if Grovey had been quarterback. We probably would have done pretty damn well with Clint Stoerner, too. What do you think? If you had a time machine, which ex-Razorback would you bring back to play QB?