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Bret Bielema’s Response To Rich Rodriguez’s “Speed” Video, Probably

I doubt there’s any sort of real response from Bielema about the new Arizona video (although you never can be sure with Coach B) but it would probably be a pretty simple message.

Gregory Shamus

Rich Rodriguez and the Arizona football program released this new video today as a parody of the HUNH-ers in their eternal fight against the 10-second rule coaches. Take a look.

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It’s a battle between cool, exciting, and simple goodness versus THE FORCES OF PURE EVIL. The "Old School Coaches" have "hidden agendas" and the vile monster gave a sinister wink when he said the rule was a safety issue. He probably gently strokes a cat when he gets off the phone and watches game film.


While the "Old School Coach" could certainly represent Bret Bielema, Nick Saban, or any other coach that favors the 10-second rule, I’m sure Bielema would have a nice chuckle. And say simply: "SCOREBOARD, RICHY"

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Bielema actually went 2-1 against Rodriguez when both coached in the Big 10, with Bielema’s Wisconsin teams winning the last two games by a combined score of 93-52.

"What we do isn't pretty. A lot of places, there's a certain emphasis on being pretty and being individualized on players. For them, that's great. We would never recruit to that." -Bret Bielema - after beating Rodriguez’s Michigan team

That, of course, wasn’t referenced in the video. We keep trying to say Bielema’s not afraid of playing against hurry-up teams and has had success against them in the past, but, you know, narrative.

And it’s not even like the HUNH teams did the most damage to his Razorbacks in 2013. Alabama and South Carolina both scored 52 points on the Hogs. Arkansas was much more competitive against Texas A&M, Auburn, and Ole Miss. But, again, narrative.

Bielema’s player safety logic may be flawed when he talks about HUNH, but he doesn’t have a "hidden agenda".