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Crazy Times: Malzahn Heads to Jonesboro

In what has to be considered *the* hiring coup of the offseason, Arkansas State has snagged a very big fish to replace Hugh Freeze: the one and only Gus Malzahn. Yes, the very same Gus Malzahn who was rumored to be in play for nearly every vacant major conference job, and even turned down a $3 million annual salary at Vanderbilt a year ago, is now taking a pay cut to come to Jonesboro.

Major congrats are in order for the Red Wolves, who managed to rebound from the tough loss of Freeze far more successfully than anyone imagined they would. And, surely this is a happy day for Auburn as well - now that Malzahn is out of the way, there's nothing holding back Gene Chizik's unquestioned coaching brilliance.

(If we could just have one Christmas wish this year, it would be for Malzahn to hire Houston Nutt as his O.C. Yeah, it's an absurd thought, but maybe if enough of us ask for it Santa, or Jimmy Sexton, will make it happen.)