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Reasons to Hate: Auburn

Every week we helpfully offer a few reasons to hate the Hogs' upcoming SEC opponent. This week, we're happy to focus our ire on the Auburn Tigers.

1. Rampant Cheating. Cam Newton was one of the most amazing talents we've ever seen set foot on a college football field. Cam Newton was also paid handsomely to be on that field. Yeah, we've read all the frenzied arguments as to why it's not true from Auburn fans, but when you apply basic logic it's seems fairly obvious that something fishy was going on (unless Starkville is so horrible that he'd take a $180,000 pay cut to go elsewhere). Also, as this thoroughly researched article from proves, it's not a new phenomenon either...Auburn has been cheating like mad almost non-stop for as long as most people can remember.

2. Gene Chizik. If there was ever a less impressive coach to win a major title, we have yet to see it (ok, Barry Switzer winning a Super Bowl with Dallas probably qualifies). Luckily for him, he has Gus Malzahn in his corner, which can hide a lot of flaws and also leads us to our next item...

3. Too Many Damn Arkansans. Once it was Kody Burns and Lee Ziemba, now it's Mike Dyer and Kiehl Frazier...there's a disturbing trend for the Natural State's top high school players to head down to the Plains for college. Not cool. It almost makes one wonder if the first item on this list has anything to do with it. Nah, surely not!

4. 65-43. No further comment.