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Razorback Rushing Attack Not Receiving Enough Attention Nationally

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Arkansas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas’ rushing attack in 2021 was the best in the country in yards gained in all of Power Five football.

They simply aren’t receiving the respect they deserve nationally and it’s a shame.

Rocket Sanders is one of the fastest and more physical players at his position in the conference. He isn’t afraid to run over you or right past you.

Then, you have Sam Pittman’s “Bully” in Dominique Johnson. The third year running back has all the size in the world (6’1 240 pounds) to enforce his will on the opponent’s defense. His ability to go north and south with exceptional speed gives Arkansas big play potential.

The Razorbacks third option, AJ Green, showed flashes of greatness as a true freshman. He had electric speed and has an eye for the endzone. Elite runners don’t bobble their head. They keep it still in order to stay steady running downfield, which is a lost art these days.

The Razorbacks also brought in true freshman, Rashod Dubinion, who is poised to take a few carries a ball game. He could emerge as a punt returner as well. The Razorback staff have been impressed with his agility and quickness in a similar Green.

With an impressive spring, Dubinion pushed for playing time and will likely receive it this fall.

“He’s really a shifty runner. He’s a mature kid. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll help us next year in games. Not just special teams but he’ll be one of the backs toating the mail because he’s a good player,” said Pittman.

KJ Jefferson was the Hogs’ leading rusher during the 2021 season with 664 yards and six touchdowns. He is such a vital piece to the offense and if Arkansas didn’t have him they would be in trouble.

With the run-pass-option as a major piece to the Arkansas offense, you know Jefferson will get his. RPO is a beautiful thing when you have a quarterback that understands it and makes the proper read nearly each play.

Arkansas could very well exceed the 228 yards per game total from 2021. The 26 touchdowns on the ground seem to be passable this fall, too.

It’s a different season in 2022 but here are Arkansas’ opponents run defense ranking from last season:


South Carolina: 94th (175.0 ypg)

Texas A&M: 36th (134.8 ypg)

Alabama: 4th (86.0 ypg)

Mississisippi State: 12th (113.0 ypg)

BYU: 76th (156.8 ypg)

Auburn: 29th (128.1 ypg)

Liberty: 45th (139.9 ypg)

LSU: 46th (140.8 ypg)

Ole Miss: 105th (190.6 ypg)

Missouri: 105th (227.4 ypg)

By the end of 2022, Arkansas could have the best rushing offense in the country when it’s all said and done.