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Arkansas Razorbacks Fall Camp Practice Report - August 19th

Defensive coaches and players met with the media following Tuesday's practice. Here's what we learned.

It's supposed to get hot in Fayetteville this week, with high temperatures in the 90s all week. Everyone loves that because it means the team may be preparing in Auburn-like heat. So that's nice. With as much talk about the weather in Auburn, it will probably end up raining and/or be 71 degrees with 10% humidity, but I digress.

Linebacker Brooks Ellis is back to practice but in a limited role. You might remember he aggravated a knee injury last week that he originally suffered in high school and was held out of the scrimmage last weekend. He's expected to be fine in time for the Auburn game as far as we know.

Randy Shannon on Josh Williams: "Josh was unbelievable [in the scrimmage last weekend]. He was fitting the run game, his passing game was unbelievable. He keeps progressing, you give someone the chance to start, play and have an opportunity and he’s captured it and is doing a lot of good things. I’m happy to see that, because like anything, the more depth you have, the more successful you’ll be.”

The team has started to implement the game plan for Auburn. Here's the full report from, if you'd like to read more tidbits.

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