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SEC Baseball Power Rankings: April 28

A lot of reshuffling in this week's ballot, but one team is finally running away with the number one spot.

Ronald Martinez

1. Florida Gators, 30-15 (15-6), RPI 3, LW: 1

After losing to instate teams Jacksonville and Florida A&M during the midweek, they had no problem sweeping Missouri and taking a three game lead in the SEC East. Isn't it kind of weird that they lost to not one, but TWO in-state schools IN THE SAME WEEK and the world didn't come to an end?

2. South Carolina Gamecocks, 34-11 (13-8), RPI 6, LW: 3

They have won six of their last seven games after having a five game losing streak in the middle of April. Maybe they have regained some confidence they seemed to have lost after losing that series to Arkansas.

3. Ole Miss Rebels, 33-12 (13-8), RPI 4, LW: 3

It is tough to win a road series in the SEC, but the road team sweeping is practically unheard of. That's exactly what the Rebels did this past weekend in Lexington.

4. LSU Tigers, 33-11-1 (12-8-1), RPI 14, LW: 5

As winners of 13 of their last 16 games, they are easily the hottest team in the conference.

5.Alabama Crimson Tide, 29-15 (13-8), RPI 20, LW: 2

Obviously, they didn't have that #2 ranking completely solidified in my mind last week. A 1-3 record this week allowed me to drop them back to where I think they belong.

6. Vanderbilt Commodores, 33-12 (11-10), RPI 8, LW: 7

Their sweep of Georgia this past weekend wasn't as much impressive as it was necessary to keep them relevant in the SEC East race. Even at that, they are still four games back from first.

7. Kentucky Wildcats, 27-17 (9-12), RPI 16, LW: 4

At six games back, they can kiss the possiblity of winning the East goodbye. Nonetheless, except for the meltdown at home this past weekend to Ole Miss, they have been a team that no one wants to see in their regional.

8. Tennessee Volunteers, 26-16 (8-13), RPI 28, LW: 10

It will be interesting to see if they can hold on long enough to make a regional.

9. Arkansas Razorbacks, 28-18 (10-11), RPI 59 LW: 9

There isn't a team in college baseball better at shooting itself in the foot than Arkansas. Seriously, they are so good at it, I'm beginning to wonder if they are pointing, aiming and pulling the trigger on purpose.

10. Texas A&M Aggies, 27-18 (10-11), RPI 39, LW: 11

They crack the top 10 this week after winning a road series against Mississippi State. The Aggies aren't out of the regional hunt, yet.

11. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 28-17 (11-10), RPI 40, LW: 8

They only have five wins against the RPI top 50, which is the same amount Missouri has.

12. Auburn Tigers, 25-20 (9-12), RPI 48, LW: 13

13. Georgia Bulldogs, 21-22-1 (7-13-1), RPI 62, LW: 12

14. Missouri Tigers, 19-24, 6-15, RPI 105, LW: 14