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SEC Announces Future Schedule Format; Sticks With 8 Games But Includes 1 Power Non Conference Game

Arkansas will be required to schedule one Big 12, Big 10, ACC, or Pac 12 opponent each season.

Mike Ehrmann

The SEC will continue with its current conference scheduling structure for the foreseeable future, according to a release from the conference Sunday evening.

There will be no 9-game SEC schedule. Arkansas will continue to play Missouri and one other team from the SEC East on a rotating basis.

The only new wrinkle is that beginning in 2016, each SEC team "must" schedule a game with a school from the Big 12, Big 10, ACC, or Pac-12. Of course, there's no requirement that the team be any good (LOOKING AT YOU, PERDUE!)

Arkansas of course already has home-and-homes scheduled for the first few of those seasons. The Razorbacks start a series with TCU in 2016 and with Michigan in 2018. The Hogs will have to find someone to fulfill that requirement for 2020. Texas is still on the schedule for 2021. Arkansas doesn't have any games scheduled beyond then.

As someone who enjoys traveling through the SEC and seeing the different campuses, I've been an advocate of a 9-game schedule or at least getting rid of the permanent cross-divisional opponent. Under this system, Arkansas will only visit each SEC East campus once every 12 years. I think that's awful.

But, those in favor of maintaining the Alabama/Tennessee and Auburn/Georgia games are getting what they want.

Here's the full release.