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Early season success will determine Jefferson’s Heisman candidacy

Arkansas v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Arkansas is poised for an incredible season and a lot of that is due to the quarterback they return.

It’s no question who the leader is for the Razorbacks this season. Although he was snubbed during the SEC Media Days as an All-SEC quarterback, KJ Jefferson is ready to take his team to the next level.

“Our goal is to win ten games,” said Jefferson during media days. “…Taking that next step forward, that’s our team goal.”

That kind of confidence is what it takes to win in the SEC. Living and dying by every play, giving it his all on every down last season was a huge reason why many feel he was snubbed. Jefferson has led the Razorbacks from football purgatory.. out of the cargo room all the way to first class.

Jefferson’s performances against Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Alabama and Mississippi State show that he is ready to take the leap to elite in not only the SEC but the country.

What will it take for him to reach the next tier?

Going 4-0 would be a tremendous place to start. Defeating a ranked Cincinnati team, keeping an upstart South Carolina at bay, taking care of business against Missouri State and once again defeating Texas A&M in Arlington give Jefferson a very impressive three wins.

Into the Alabama game the Razorbacks go. A potential top-ten matchup between the two schools for the first time since 2010 will take place. The Crimson Tide return many valuable pieces to their team but have questions at wide receiver. Superstars Will Anderson, Bryce Young and Henry To’oto’o all return to Alabama and will prove them hard to beat. Say the Razorbacks hold close under the guidance of Jefferson but fall once again at home, people around the world of college football will look at Arkansas as a team that’s finally arrived.

The brutal stretch of road games against Mississippi State, BYU and Auburn are next. If Jefferson can rebound from a tough loss or a monumental win into this streak of games, he will be mentioned among the best players in college football. Which could solidify himself as a Heisman candidate.

Just like he did in November of 2021, Jefferson helped Arkansas to a month fans will remember. November is a month that solidified McFadden into one of the biggest stars in college football so could we see history repeat itself?

Jefferson is the biggest piece to the Arkansas Razorbacks this season. The team will go as far as the dual threat can take them.