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Where Does Michael Dyer Rank In Razorback Hatred?

The venom on message boards and social media makes me wonder, who is the most hated person in all of Razorback fandom?

Butch Dill

For some reason, KTHV, the CBS affiliate in Little Rock, interviewed the former Auburn Tiger and asked if he he'd consider spending the final two years of his collegiate eligibility at Arkansas.

Dyer, who really isn't in a position to be choosy anyway, said he would. Specifically, he said, "I think any kid would love that dream. To come back home and start over and play at home."

And with that, Arkansas fans rained down with profanities and fecal metaphors as if Houston D. Nutt himself had returned.

Dyer became a local villain during his recruitment while he starred at Little Rock Christian, the low point coming with this YouTube video (I don't feel like embedding it, but you likely know it already), then there was the garbage time touchdown in the 2010 Auburn/Arkansas game after we were told he was sitting out due to injury, and the emotional returning of the favor in Fayetteville in 2011.

But the amount of venom today (which is really easy to find on any Arkansas message board, social media, comments of blogs reporting this story, etc) makes me wonder, in context of hated people in Razorback history, where does Dyer stand?

Vote in our poll and tell us who your most hated person is in Razorback history. If you vote "other" please put your answer in the comments. Or feel free to explain your vote regardless of who it's for.

*It should be noted that Richard Davenport has reported Dyer will not walk on for the Razorbacks this year. But whether or not that is the true end of the story, we do not know.