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Who's The Biggest Villain In Razorback History: THE FINALS

We've just about reached the end of our journey

So it's come down to this. The man many feel responsible for Arkansas' current despondence vs the program responsible for foiling the Razorbacks for decades before joining the SEC.

It was a slight upset for these two to pair up against each other. Houston THE DALE Nutt was a pretty heavy favorite as a 2-seed. Petrino only beat him out by a couple of votes in the initial bracket to claim the 1-seed. But Texas football defeated him pretty soundly, claiming 61% of the vote out of 408 responses.

Petrino, meanwhile, defeated John White in a landslide with 70% of the vote. I thought that one would be closer, honestly. Here's a good article summing up why so many loath John White (h/t bholloway).

Anywho, here's the final ballot. We'll leave the voting up through the weekend and post the result on Monday. As always, all of the bracket has been based on fan voting. These are not my opinions.