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Who's The Biggest Villain In Razorback History? SEMIFINALS

The final four is tough...

Joe Murphy

There's a lot of hate for these final four choices. In the end, it's come down to the top four seeds, so these are really some hate all-stars.

Vote in the bracket here, and we'll go through results from the quarterfinals in more details below. As always, the bracket was set up by fan voting, not my personal opinions.

The voting was tight in the quarterfinals. There were 348 votes, and Bobby Petrino pulled in just 56% to knock off Marc Curles and the stank Florida refs from 2009. Houston Nutt was finally able to stop Trindon Holliday by collecting 59% of the vote.

The closest vote was John White vs Nick Saban. White pulled it out by just six votes. I think if more people truly understood what all John White did as chancellor, this wouldn't have been so close. If you have a story you'd like to share, please do so in the comments.

The biggest blowout was Texas football over the 1995 UCLA basketball team. The Longhorns crushed the Bruins with 74%. Can they knock off Petrino? Should be interesting.