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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 3

Not even the refs can keep the Hogs down.

Yeah, like they're going to fine me! Ha!
Yeah, like they're going to fine me! Ha!
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 21-0 (8-0), RPI 2, LW: 1

I honestly thought they would lose this season. However, they are 8-0 against the RPI top 50 and have four more games against current top 50 RPI teams. I think their only chance for a loss left is at Georgia on March 3. But, with the way I've predicted games this season, they'll lose at Mississippi State because #SECBasketballFever.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 16-5 (5-3), RPI 22, LW: 2

Not even John Hampton's poor officiating can bring down the Hogs' RPI. Anyone who says that was a foul on Alandise Harris is just trolling you and going for clicks/ratings. It's always best not to feed the trolls. We've all seen Rashad Madden assaulted driving to the basket (the times he didn't turn it over) late in games and nothing was called. The Hogs are still holding strong in the RPI top 25 with two winnable home games this week.

3. Georgia Bulldogs, 14-6 (5-3), RPI 27, LW: 4

After winning five straight conference games, they lost by 17 at South Carolina. Tonight, they go to Lexington to take their licks from the Wildcats.

4. Texas A&M Aggies, 15-5 (6-2), RPI 33, LW: 7

Here is my #hottake for this week: the Aggies are hurting the SEC by doing this well. If Arkansas was left out for their poor non-conference schedule last season, A&M will definitely get left out. Their best non-conference win is a neutral site win over New Mexico (RPI 112). What Georgia did last season to the SEC is what A&M is doing this season. People discredited the SEC last season because Georgia was able to run through the conference with a 12-6 record last year. A&M wasn't even a bubble team after non-conference play and now, with their current RPI, are a tournament team if the season ended today. Granted, they have played an incredibly easy conference schedule to this point. They only have to play Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, and Ole Miss once. They get to play bottom feeders Mississippi State, Missouri, and Auburn twice. That will actually hurt them on Selection Sunday because they have few opportunities for "quality wins".

5. LSU Tigers, 16-5 (5-3), RPI 38, LW: 3

Their lack of depth is starting to show. Just a little perspective for Hog fans, LSU has lost at Mizzou and at Mississippi State. LIterally the two worst teams anyone in the SEC could lose to at this point.

6. Ole Miss Rebels, 14-7 (5-3), RPI 48, LW: 8

You have to give them credit for the way they've played in SEC play so far. They've won the games they are suppose to and stole one in Fayetteville on top of that. It would be really interesting to see what their tournament chances would be if they hadn't lost to TCU and Charleston Southern.

7. Tennessee Volunteers, 13-7, (5-3), RPI 55, LW: 6

I don't know what all the NCAA investigation of Donnie Tyndall's time at Southern Miss will find, but the man can flat out coach college basketball. None of these Tennessee players are his (only nine left on the team) and they are hanging around on the bubble.

8. Florida Gators, 12-9 (5-3), RPI 57, LW: 8

Just like A&M, the Gators are killing the conference softly by continuing to win in conference. They still have to beat Kentucky once and win the rest of their games if they want to make the NCAA Tournament. For all the conspiracy theorists that think the SEC is out to keep the Hogs down with officiating, the conference actually hurt itself with Florida winning that game. If Arkansas wins, they don't drop out of the top 25 polls and the SEC continues to have multiple teams in the top 25 polls.

9. Alabama Crimson Tide, 12-8 (3-5), RPI 59, LW: 5

Losers of five of their last six, the only interesting thing left is if Anthony Grant will be back next season or not.

10. South Carolina Gamecocks, 10-9 (2-6), RPI 96, LW: 11

I really thought this was the year Frank Martin was going to turn the corner in Columbia, Now they are scratching for a CBI bid.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 10-10 (1-7), RPI 109, LW: 10

They've probably played the toughest SEC schedule so far. Six of their eight conference games have been against the top five teams in the SEC. Nonetheless, they didn't win any of those games so now they're here at the bottom.

12. Auburn Tigers, 9-11 (2-6), RPI 156, LW: 12

I thought about putting Auburn above Vandy, but the Tigers lost the head-to-head.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 9-11 (3-5), RPI 183, LW: 14

Anthony Grant and Rick Ray have the same amount of conference wins right now. Nothing against Ray, but that is a damning fact against Grant.

14. Missouri Tigers, 6-14 (1-7), RPI 153, LW: 13

M-I-Z, L-O-L