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Arkansas Internet Chatter - Baseball and Track Win, and Brandon Allen's Growing Hands

All that plus Being Bret Bielema!

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The NFL Combine is weird. A huge amount of stock goes into how fast a player can run 40 yards in a straight line, how high they can jump, and plenty of other measurables that a player must go through. Because so much stock goes into that, players can do some weird stuff to get an edge they can. Plenty of people noticed Brandon Allen doing exactly that this weekend. He worked with a massage therapist to help widen the muscles in his hand because NFL scouts will freak out how big a quarterback's hands are. The wierdest thing? It worked! His hands actually grew between the senior bowl and the draft combine. So if Allen gets drafted, his massage therapist better be getting a shoutout.

This past weekend was viewed as a litmus test for the Arkansas baseball team to see where they stand. Sure they can beat the brakes off Mississippi Valley State, but what about against real opposition? As it turns out, pretty dang well.Arkansas is now 8-0 with big wins over Rice, Houston, and Texas Tech this weekend. The biggest takeaway was how good the offense looked. Michael Bernal hit a handful of home runs and Carson Shaddy nearly hit a ball clear out of a major league ballpark. The bats are definitely going to have ups and downs this season because thats what happens in baseball, but as of right now Arkansas baseball has plenty to be excited about.

Another year, another conference championship for the Razorback Track and Field team. This past weekend they picked up the SEC Indoor title, as did the women's team. This particular win was a huge one because it was the program's 100th conference title. I don't need to put into perspective how insanely high of a number that is. Even eight years after John McDonnell's retirement, Arkansas is still the track capital of America.

Being Bret Bielema has now released their first episode. There is a good chance you have seen the teasers about the behind-the-scenes look at the Head Hog's life. Now the first episode is available to watch here. The episode isn't particularly long so you don't have to set aside a huge chunk of time to watch it. There will be eight episodes in total, and the next one will be out March 3rd.