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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: March 1

Ain't nothing changed but the date.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 21-8 (11-5), RPI 22, LW: 1

This is definitely one of Kentucky's more vulnerable teams since the Archie Goodwin year.

2. Texas A&M Aggies 22-7 (11-5), RPI 20, LW: 2

They were dead in the water losing five of six, and now they're on a four game losing streak and should win out.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks 22-6 (10-6), RPI 36, LW: 3

They are the latest victims of a trip to Starkvegas.

4. Florida Gators 17-12 (8-8), RPI 45, LW: 4

The Gators are in a complete free fall. They're losers of five of their last seven and are probably losing tonight against Kentucky.

5. Vanderbilt Commodores 18-11 (10-6), RPI 48, LW: 5

I'm still a firm believer you can't spell Vanderbilt without N-I-T.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide 17-11 (8-8), RPI 49, LW: 6

With two very winnable games left (Arkansas, @ Georgia), it's a huge deal for them to win out if they want to make the NCAA Tournament.

7. Ole Miss Rebels 18-11 (8-8), RPI 87, LW: 7

Also with two winnable games this week (Miss State, @ UT), it's a huge deal for them to win out if they want to make the NIT.

8. Georgia Bulldogs 15-12 (8-8), RPI 81, LW: 8

They're on the verge of not even making the NIT and Mark Fox is 121-101 and 59-59 in SEC play in his career. Is that good enough to get another year?

9. LSU Tigers 17-12 (10-6), RPI 85, LW: 9

It's dumb how inconsistent this team is. Lose to Arkansas and Tennessee and then go beat Florida? They'll probably lose to Missouri and then beat Kentucky to finish the year out.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks 15-14 (8-8), RPI 124, LW: 10

Mike Anderson has yet to have a losing season in career, it's going to be tough but I think the this team can pull off a winning record as well.

11. Tennessee Volunteers 13-16 (6-10), RPI 133, LW: 11

They are really struggling without Kevin Punter, to state the obvious.

12. Mississippi State Bulldogs 13-15 (6-10), RPI 137 LW: 12

Ben Howland has already matched Rick Ray's best season in Starkville.

13. Auburn Tigers 11-17 (5-11), RPI 151, LW: 13

Next year can't come soon enough for Bruce Pearl.

14. Missouri Tigers 10-19 (3-13), RPI 208, LW: 14

The next coach can't come soon enough for Missouri.