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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 23

#SECBasketballFever has the SEC looking at four NCAA Tournament teams, for now.

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 20-7 (10-4), RPI 14, LW: 1

Yes, they lost a close game on the road to A&M, but that's not a reason to drop them. They could get another chance at the Aggies in the SEC Tournament.

2. Texas A&M Aggies 20-7 (9-5), RPI 22, LW: 4

This was the best week they've had in a long time, which is easy considering they had lost their last five of their last six coming into this week. But, a solid win over Ole Miss and a big win over Kentucky and I've got them back up at two in the rankings.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks 21-5 (9-5), RPI 31, LW: 2

There is no way to not drop someone after a loss to Missouri. However, they did bounce back with a solid home win over Florida.

4. Florida Gators 17-10 (8-6), RPI 32, LW: 4

A decent week for the Gators with a road win at Georgia and a close loss at South Carolina. They are the fourth and final SEC team I expect to make the tournament. If the top four can chalk is up the rest of the way, they're all in.

5. Vanderbilt Commodores 16-11 (8-6), RPI 62, LW: 8

I have to admit, there is so much mediocrity between the middle of the conference that I don't really know a great way to differentiate. They have good wins against Alabama, Florida and Texas A&M, but then have two terrible losses at Arkansas and Mississippi State.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide 16-10 (7-7), RPI 42, LW: 6

They were on an absolute roll until they lost at home to Mississippi State on Saturday. They have to avoid losing games like that the rest of the way if they want to make the tournament.

7. Ole Miss Rebels 17-10 (7-7), RPI 85, LW: 9

A status quo week with a loss at A&M and a win at Auburn. I really believe they could make a good run in the NIT if they get healthy.

8. Georgia Bulldogs 14-11 (7-7), RPI 82, LW: 7

They are staring at two NCAA Tournaments in seven years under Mark Fox square in the face. He may be the second coach named Mark to get the ax at Georgia this year.

9. LSU Tigers 16-11 (9-5), RPI 87, LW: 5

As losers of three of their last four, they are starting to prove the people that called them a fraud correct. It's quite possible for them to lose three of their last four, but everything I've written lately the exact opposite has happened.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks 13-14 (6-8), RPI 136, LW: 10

It's tough because the NIT was a possibility before February 9th, but losing three of their last four to non-NCAA Tournament team has probably shut the door on any post-season for the Hogs.

11. Tennessee Volunteers 13-14 (6-8), RPI 120, LW: 11

Like Arkansas, postseason play is probably out of reach for the Volunteers, but they showed a lot of fight beating LSU without leading scorer Kevin Punter.

12. Mississippi State Bulldogs 12-14 (5-9), RPI 151, LW: 12

The Bulldogs are finally showing the spunk most expected to see when Ben Howland was hired and Malik Newman signed. They really look like they could play spoiler for A&M or South Carolina this week.

13. Auburn Tigers 10-16 (4-10), RPI 144, LW: 12

Their win at Arkansas is their only win since January 19th, That's not a good look for Hogs.

14. Missouri Tigers 10-17 (3-11), RPI 195, LW: 14

It's surprising the signs of life they have showed the last few weeks. It's rare to see a team finally start winning games once they kick off their best player. But, nice wins over Tennessee and South Carolina make it a possibility they won't finish last if they can steal a few down the stretch.