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Preseason Award Watch Lists That Don't Exist But Should


Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The 2014 college football preseason award watch lists were announced on Tuesday and it seems like every player in the country was named to at least five.

The news was fairly good for the Razorbacks, too. Senior Trey Flowers was named to the Bednarik Award watch list, Hunter Henry was named to the Mackey Award watch list, and the running back tandem of Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins' names were scribbled onto the Maxwell Award watch list. Sam Irwin-Hill even found his way onto the Ray Guy Award watch list. It will just keep going.

And although there seemed to be a lot of watch lists released, I found (came up with) a few more less serious lists to give everyone who may not have made one a fair chance.

Watch list: AJ McCarron Award

Award info: Given to the nation's top "game manager."


Connor Cook - QB - Michigan State – To go along with a stiff defense, Cook was a major reason why the Spartans went 13-1 last season and won a Big 10 title.

Christian Hackenberg - QB - Penn State – By the time its all said and done for Hackenberg in Happy Valley this season, like Coker, he may not be a game manager. He'll have some good running backs to hand-off to, but receiver could be an issue for him.

Kevin Hogan - QB - Stanford – Another quarterback in a system with solid running backs and receivers, and a strong defense. Game management is the name of the game for the Cardinal.

Joel Stave - QB - Wisconsin – All Stave has to do is hand the ball to Melvin Gordon and make the right throw occasionally.

Jacob Coker - QB - Alabama – Until we see different, Coker will be a game manager, regardless of the hype. With Saban controlling things, the stable of running backs at his disposal, and receiver options, all he really has to be is a game manager for the Tide to roll.

Watch list: Jesse Palmer Award

Award info: Given to the nation's most likely player to appear on the Bachelor.


Jacob Coker - QB - Alabama – He's the next in line of Bama quarterbacks who end up with the best looking girl in the state of Alabama. Who knows, he may find her on the Bachelor. Kind of shocked he isn't dating Mark Brunnell's daughter already (2014 Miss Alabama).

Cody Kessler - QB - Southern California – It's a requirement to be tall and handsome to play QB at USC. Kessler is the frontrunner before the season gets underway.

Bryce Petty - QB - Baylor – Similar to Matt Saracen at Dillon High, Petty has waited his turn behind some very talented quarterbacks. While Kessler may be the favorite now, you can't rule out Petty and his Texas/Arkansas charm.

JW Walsh - QB - Oklahoma State – I don't know why. Probably just another good ole boy the girls would fall all over.

Jake Waters - QB - Kansas State – Bill Snyder: terrific football coach, good at sending players to the Bachelor (see: Lowe, Sean).

Watch list: DMAC/Felix Jones Award

Award info: Given to the nation's top running back duo.


Melvin Gordon/Corey Clement - Wisconsin – Because the Badgers always have a pair of studs in the backfield.

Todd Gurley/Keith Marshall - Georgia – Who knows what these two could have done to the SEC last season had they not gone down with injuries. But they're back, and ready to run.

Alex Collins/Jonathan Williams - Arkansas – These two give Arkansas' offense a chance at succeeding. But how much success they have may depend on how the passing game fairs.

Malcolm Brown/Johnathan Gray - Texas – Might not be the best running back tandem in the but they're experienced.

Derrick Henry/TJ Yeldon - Alabama – Two serious Heisman candidates in the same backfield? Saban gonna Saban.

Watch list: Jared Lorenzen Award

Award info: Given to the player in college football who sees the most success at their current position, but could without question be of some help on his team's offensive line.


Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU – ESPN has Buga at only 6-foot-1 and 226 pounds, but this picture of him WITHOUT pads says otherwise.

Jeremy Liggins - QB - Ole Miss – When DOCTOR BO exits the game, Liggins may come in and run the "Fat Cat" formation. Hopefully with the Nkemdiche brothers on each side.

Brandon Greene - TE - Alabama – Listed on as a 6-foot-5, 307 pound redshirt sophomore. He was recruited as a top 10 OL, but he's a tight end now. He could be the new Jason Peters.

Derrick Henry - RB - Alabama – Somehow and somewhere, Alabama is creating a new running back hybrid in college football: the linebacker-running back. Seriously, they could have turned CJ Moseley into a RB, but they were already set so he just stuck it out at the Mike. Henry is a damn monster. No two ways about it.

Caleb Azubike - LB - Vanderbilt – Listed at 6-foot-4, 265 pounds. He also has weird eyes. He's basically an animal.

Watch list: Johnny Manziel Award

Award info: Given to the player who enjoys the most success on the playing field while also having his name in the headlines in the offseason for reasons other than football.


Jameis Winston - QB - Florida State – The dude stole crab legs. Frontrunner at this point.

Derrick Henry - RB - Alabama – Henry is actually one of the few Crimson Tide running backs to stay off the radar for the most part this offseason. He's on the list because of his picture leaning up against his brand new, red Dodge Challenger. It isn't much, but it was a head scratcher at the time.

Dorial Green-Beckham - WR - Missouri Oklahoma – It's not been three months since Gary Pinkel and Missouri parted ways with the talented WR because of all of his off-the-field issues, but he's found a new home. His eligibility for 2014 is still in the air.

Jalen Mills - DB - LSU – Arrested on felony battery charges this summer. Mills could be a Honey Badger type of player for Les Miles is he keeps his head on straight.

Watch list: Career Day vs Arkansas Award

Award info: It's pretty self-explanatory, and inevitable.


Derrick Henry - RB - Alabama

OJ Howard - TE - Alabama

Leonard Fournette - RB - LSU

Hutson Mason - QB - Georgia

Pass-eligible lineman - Probably Northern Illinois

Davis Webb - QB - Texas Tech

Todd Gurley - RB - Georgia