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Georgia Running Back Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely for Alleged NCAA Rules Violation

Will he miss the Arkansas game?

Mike Zarrilli

We don't know exactly which NCAA rules Todd Gurley may have violated, or how long he'll be out, but with Georgia traveling to Little Rock last week, it seems there's certainly a good chance the Razorbacks won't have to face the Bulldogs with their Heisman candidate.

The Georgia game in War Memorial was expected to be one of the better chances at an SEC victory this season, but if Gurley doesn't play, expectations will surely take a big jump, not unlike Gurley leaping over a Vanderbilt defender last week.

It should be noted, when the 2010 Razorback team traveled to Athens and beat Georgia on the famous Childs Please! play, Georgia's Heisman candidate receiver A.J. Green was suspended for an NCAA rules violation of selling his own old jerseys. Could history be repeating itself again?

Also, kudos to our own Graham Reaves for predicting Gurley's Heisman front-runner status would lead to him not starting soon. That's some wild voodoo there, Graham.

We don't know for sure whether Gurley will play against the Hogs next week, but we'll certainly be keeping an eye on it.