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Arkansas Unveils 1964 Throwback Uniforms To Wear vs Alabama

These are pretty sweet.

Arkansas had teased that the Razorbacks would have a few tweaks to their uniforms to honor the 1964 team. It turns out they're going to wear near-complete throwbacks to take on Alabama.

The jerseys? Just red with white numbers. No names on the back. No "Arkansas" or "Razorbacks" on the front. There's a Nike logo and an old-fashioned Hog at the bottom of the V-neck. No Pumbaa. (Although the Hog is a different shade of red than the jerseys. Which is odd. But whatevs.)

Those helmets! They could wear those helmets every week as far as I'm concerned. They're also adding the numbers on the back of the helmet like they wore in '64.

The pants are simply white with double red stripes. This is what they wore 50 years ago and could also pass for what the team wore in the McFadden years.

Here's what the university has released as far as their plans for the celebration on Saturday:

Members of the 1964 team will be recognized in the approximately 30 minutes prior to kickoff and participate in the ‘A’ Walk of Honor. Due to the number of fans anticipated for the sold out game, fans should plan to arrive at least one hour early to make certain they are in their seats for the pre-game presentation.

In addition to the pre-game ceremony, special features are planned throughout the game to commemorate the championship. The Razorback Marching Band will also pay tribute to the team with a special halftime performance.