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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Sept. 7 - Passing Game, McTelvin Agim, Sonny Weems, AND MORE


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I think we were all a little surprised at the playcalling in Saturday's season opener against UTEP. It wasn't a bad thing, though. Just surprising. By halftime, Arkansas' passing game had the running game doubled up, and that's only after Alex Collins' 70-yard, anticlimactic run at the end of the half. Dan Enos had his fingerprints all over the offense. A bubble screen to Drew Morgan for a score, a couple of Jeremy Sprinkle catches in space and some quick passes to negate the aggressive, blitz-happy Miner defense. It was different, but definitely not in a bad way. Then there was Brandon Allen and Keon Hatcher, who were in sync all day long. Here's my sidebar from Saturday. The passing game, albeit against UTEP, was impressive.

Arkansas' season opener went pretty much as planned. But it was already a solid day for Bret Bielema before kickofftweeting about McTelvin Agim's commitment from the field during warm-ups Saturday. Agim is one of the more highly touted kids in the nation, and Bielema was Robb Smith nabbed him. We throw around the phrase "huge get" seemingly with every commitment, but this one might be the biggest in some time.

Basketball at any level obviously hasn't gotten a whole lot of play of late. Well, unless it's negative. But if you remember, this offseason my Phoenix Suns picked up former Razorback Sonny Weems from overseas where he tore it up and became a much better shooter than we probably all remember. And the good folks over at The Bright Side of the Sun put together a remarkably detailed breakdown of Weems' game. As it turns out, the Razorbacks have sent several players to the Suns over the years.

It was a pretty solid, crazy, dramatic and sad first weekend of college football. And when I mean sad, I'm talking about Taysom Hill, BYU QB who just can't seem to stay healthy long enough to entertain us all for a whole season and be one of your favorite players. Also sad because a lot of guys got injured. Never like to see that. It was solid in the fact that Texas is really, really bad again. And Notre Dame, who I'm not sure a lot of us claim to like either, beat them DOWN. Here's SB Nation's rundown on all that happened this weekend. You should read about how bad Texas is and laugh at them.

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