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Arkansas Recruiting: Commit Highlights- Week 3

Need something to look forward to for Razorback football? Check out the latest highlights from the next class of Hogs.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There were plenty of big plays made by Razorback commits this past week both offensively and defensively, sometimes even from the same player. One linebacker commit made quite a few plays on both sides of the ball, and even returned a kickoff. Another playmaker found the endzone three times.

QB Cole Kelley

First off a couple plays are not filmed on a tripod, which is annoying, but the second and third plays on this video are particularly impressive because of the pose Kelley shows under pressure. There are multiple plays where he gets plenty of velocity on the ball even with a defender in his face. He also shows some running ability on the last few plays of the video.

OT Kellen Diesch

The thing that stand out about Diesch is that he is a very impressive run blocker. The first two plays of the video he is driving the defender straight back. He also looks composed pass blocking but even on screen passes he is clearly looking to drive his man straight backwards.

LB De'Jon Harris

Harris is committed as a linebacker so that will be the focus even though he is all over the field in this video. He makes a couple strong plays on the edge stopping the run and shows good pursuit in the pass game. He also shows off good hands as a receiver, making a nice touchdown catch at the 1:20 mark. Good hands on a linebacker can only be a plus for Robb Smith and company.

TE Grayson Gunter

Runs a little like Hunter Henry and shows some of the same athleticism. The most impressive thing in this video is the second play. Gunter gets off the line quickly, doesn't get jammed by a linebacker then makes a nice catch before getting upfield for more yards.

ATH T.J. Hammonds

Hammonds had himself a game against Rogers Heritage in a number of ways. He picked up three touchdowns and did so in a variety of ways. The first was a wide open catch out of the backfield. The second was a nice sweep play where he does an excellent job walking the tightrope on the sideline. He got a third with another rushing touchdown. The most impressive thing about Hammonds though might be the number of ways he is involved in the offense and looks comfortable both as a running back and a receiver.