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New Food Options Available At Razorback Stadium

Question: is macaroni-and-cheese now a condiment?

The Razorbacks announced a few new food options available at DWRRS in an effort to enhance the game experience for fans. Let us know in the poll what you think.

The first up is in the picture above. It's the 1/4 lb. mac-and-cheese dog. It appears to be a big hot dog (also, Jeff Long said last week the stadium would now serve Ball Park hot dogs. I still think they should serve more brats since this is the Bielema era and all.) covered in mac-and-cheese and bacon bits. I don't know if the chips and pickle are included but they might be.

When I was a little kid, hot dogs and mac-and-cheese was a regular meal, at least when visiting certain family members, so the idea of topping a hot dog with it mac-and-cheese doesn't offend me, but it doesn't particularly excite me either. Sometimes it seems like there's this national trend of throwing random things we already like on top of each other and declaring it a fancy new piece of food, which doesn't really make a lot of sense to me, but whatever.

This is the Mac-Attack Burger. It appears to be a basic burger with mac-and-cheese on it instead of just plain ol' cheese. What, no bacon pieces? Personally, I'd rather just have a cheeseburger without the pasta noodles on it, but I don't like to get experimental with my burgers much. About as far as I'll go is adding an egg if I'm feeling particularly decadent. But that's just me.

The Crispy Buffalo Chicken Nachos look interesting. Looks like chunks of fried chicken in buffalo sauce with cheese, blue cheese chunks, tomato, onion, and cilantro. Of course, one of the questions with any buffalo food is how spicy it actually is. I'd probably prefer blue cheese sauce as opposed to the actual chunks, but this is something I'd probably try. Although if the spiciness was a problem it could be a deal-breaker.

The Big Red Pork Tenderloin Sandwich looks pretty basic, with lettuce and tomatoes all we can see in the pic. It doesn't say how big the sandwich actually is, but this might be something I'd try.

Arkansas also lists a Petit Jean Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich. They don't have a picture for it, though. As long as the cheese is just cheese and not mac-and-cheese, I'd probably be for that.

But really what I'm most interested in is this year's souvenir cup. I'm a collector, so that's something I'll be looking for on Saturday.