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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - September 4th: Root Hog Or Die Edition

Cheering for Arkansas, quarterbacks, running backs, UTEP talk, and ProHogs.

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We don't have to justify why we cheer for the Hogs. For most of us, it's something we were born into or support our alma mater. But even for people without a connection to Arkansas, it might be becoming more fun to cheer for the Razorbacks. SB Nation's Jason Kirk is one of those people, and explained why he'll be supporting Coach Bielema and the Hogs this season. Excellent choice, sir.

Its that part of game week where work is being tossed aside and all the focus is making sure everything on your tailgating checklist is checked off. Is the dust off your grill and generator? Check. Can that new television you bought to watch the early kickoffs fit in your vehicle? Good. Now that you've picked up all the various foods you'll need for grilling and anything else your tailgate needs its time to brush up on some knowledge so you can be the smartest person at your tailgate. One way to do that is to check out the quarterbacks preview at Team Speed Kills. Not only will you get some great info about Brandon Allen, there is in depth analysis of all the returning quarterbacks in the SEC. (Complete with interactive graphs!)

The biggest talk surrounding the Razorbacks in fall camp is how the hole left by the injury to Jonathan Williams will be filled. Right now the weight will be on the shoulders of junior Kody Walker and freshman Rawleigh Williams III. The loss of Williams is obviously a big one but it might not be fatal. As Saturday Down South points out, Bielema had a very similar offense going into the 2010 season. That year a young Monte Ball, who turned out to be pretty good for Wisconsin, was just four yards away from giving the Badgers three 1,000 yard rushers in a season.

Since its almost game day, theres a pretty good chance you've read through most of the game previews from an Arkansas perspective. Now here's a chance to look at things from the Miners point of view. UTEP Head Coach Sean Kugler gives a very honest idea of what he's looking for from his team and what he thinks of the Razorbacks. With quotes about the Razorback offensive line like, "They are extremely veteran, extremely talented, and extremely large." he gives a good idea of what to expect from Arkansas this weekend.

It also wouldn't hurt to get a quick update on some #ProHogs. Former Razorbacks across the NFL are fighting to make the final 53 man rosters on the NFL and one is former fan favorite D.J. Williams. After a quick stint with the KARK news team, Williams is back in the league with the Washington Redskins and fighting for a roster spot. Williams talks about how his days with KARK began at 3 a.m. (Which sounds insane) and would continue to work out in his belief that another chance in the NFL was coming. With injuries to Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen, he now has another chance.