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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: IT'S GAME WEEK


Alex Collins has those Bobby Portis eyes.
Alex Collins has those Bobby Portis eyes.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It's game week, y'all. It's almost time – if you haven't already – to make your season predictions and look forward to all of the games in the SEC this fall, both cover your eyes bad (looking at you, UK-Vandy) and those you wouldn't miss for anything and may need another drink to comprehend what just happened. In SB Nation's GIGANTIC college football preview, EDSBS's Spencer Hall previewed each and every SEC game, and it's magic. SPOILER: He's upset Arkansas-UTEP isn't a home-and-home, and truthfully, I agree with him. So. Much. #Content.

Bret Bielema has been pretty adamant about Alex Collins' workload not increasing with the injury to Jonathan Williams. I'm not sure I completely believe it because you'd obviously rather have AC3 running the ball quite a bit more than Kody Walker and Rawleigh Williams in a perfect world. Also, following JWill's injury, Collins actually shot up the Heisman odds board, which he wasn't on previously. Can Collins run his way into the Heisman discussion?

McTelvin Agim is a monster. The Hope senior defensive end is one of the more highly touted players to ever come out of Arkansas, and he makes his college decision Saturday just before (I believe) the Razorbacks kickoff the 2015 season against UTEP. As a team, Agim's Hope squad struggled last year, winning just three games, but you can't deny the kind of freak athlete he is. In a really informative feature in Sunday's AD-G, you get a glimpse into what the recruiting process has been like for him and how he's preparing for college in the classroom and as a football player.

Every football season has to have a really good hype video right? One that'll give us chills and give us this mysterious notion that MY TEAM IS GONNA RUN THE TABLE, PAWWL. We have to have it. And SDS gave it to us. Their videos have become much more tolerable since they got that sombrero and poncho wearing Stephen Garcia out of there. Maybe too many LSU and UGA highlights, but eh, football comin'.

Before McTelvin Agim was the hot defensive name in recruiting in Arkansas, El Dorado High's Bijhon Jackson was. Now a sophomore, Jackson is going to be vital in trying to replace the NFL-caliber talent the Hogs had on the defensive line last season.

You can join Team Speed Kills' pick em group here. That's always a good time. Pick every game wrong and just don't care.

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