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Tusk Talk Podcast #2: Last Minute Picks, Previews, and Predictions

Chad Neipling and I preview everything for Arkansas and the SEC at the last minute!

Butch Dill/Getty Images

It's only our second show, and we already made an episode that went a lot longer than we anticipated. Consider it a Labor Day gift to all of you!

Most of this episode is focused on predicting how Arkansas and the rest of the SEC will do this weekend, as well as taking stabs at the over/unders for each SEC team's season win total. Will this be a bad weekend for the league or will the SEC reassert its dominance in the few major non-conference games? Which teams will have disappointing seasons, and which will surprise? All questions we try to answer.

Also, we start out talking about Darren McFadden finally getting out of Oakland and into Dallas, as well as big-time recruiting target McTelvin Agim, who will announce his commitment somewhere shortly before Arkansas kicks off against UTEP.

Thanks again for listening. My understanding is that the show will be available on iTunes if it's not already. As always, feel free to send us topic suggestions for future shows.